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    Well I think I need about 97 days to recover from this book Actually let’s go ahead and make that about 532BECAUSE OH MY WORDY’allI don’t even know where to start“I swallowed wondering if all dreams turned to dust the moment they were realized”I’ll start by saying I loved the characters Dotta created Some were funny some uirky some even yet mysterious and even if I didn’t like certain people I loved how Dotta created them I especially adored Jameson and Nancy in this book You couldn’t help but connect strongly with so many of them especially after three books of being with them I didn’t want it to end If this is your first encounter with Dotta’s definitely start with the first book in the seriesI wasn’t sure what would await in this final book there were so many shockers in the first two but let me tell you I didn’t see things coming and when they did boom I was emotionally spent when I finished but I mean that in the best possible way“None of us have escaped being both good and evil sometimes simultaneously”It’s been awhile since I’ve had a legitimate book crush my fellow book nerds will understand that and how it’s totally not weird ; so here’s the thing I simply love Isaac Dalry He’s become a favorite if not my favorite That’s saying a lot when battling Mark of the Lion‘s Marcusbut y’all Love Him Such compassion understanding love and loyalty He has his faults but even those make him great“He stood on the table and gave a speech about how the impossible was our forte and when we accomplished the impossible history would carry our names until the end of time”But I need to stop talking about himyou simply must meet him for yourselfHave I mentioned Dotta’s writing ability? Dotta has managed to create such layered characters it’s amazing“Shame will unmake and warp any soul”If you read my last review you’ll know I wasn’t sure to make of our Julia After reading this book I think I finally understand her Do I still agree with some of the things she did? Not really but after reading this book I see why I also understand the pain and regret of bad decisions don’t we all? and there were certain parts where I keenly felt what she was feeling I liked that our heroine wasn’t one everyone adored It made it realPlus does Dotta knows how to craft beautiful sentences“I felt the pathos of David’s lament to such a degree that even to this day I cannot look upon that Psalm without growing teary”In case you didn’t notice I’m a fan This is hands down one of my favorite series I’ve ever read It’s the type of fiction I hope to see of and thank you Jessica Dotta for writing such a powerful and incredible storyAnd if you have read this final one and need to discuss please feel free to shoot me an email or message me on Facebook or Twitter Totally not kidding because THIS SERIESWhat’s a recent series that impacted you long after you finished reading?Thank you to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review

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    While I liked Isaac Evelyn and Jamison I never developed a fondness for Julia in the entire series It's tough for me to enjoy a novelseries when the heroine is not likable I know many have raved about the series but I found it to be just ok

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    Having managed to escape the clutches of Chance Macy and wed her childhood love Edward Auburn Julia hopes that she may finally have the simple country life that she always longed for But her wedded bliss is cut short when her husband’s family and congregation shun him for his alliance with Julia whose reputation and association with Macy has now spread far and wide Soon Julia and Edward are forced back to London to seek the assistance of Julia’s father In spite of their desire to keep out of the public eye news of the Emerald Heiress’s marriage is uickly leaked to the papers—bringing Julia back into Macy’s sights It won’t be long before the public discovers that Lord Pierson’s long lost daughter is also the runaway bride of Chance Macy Will Julia be able to convince the courts that she was merely a pawn in a much larger game? Or will her marriage to Edward be cut drastically short as she is thrust back into Macy’s arms? When I picked up the first novel in Jessica Dotta’s Price of Privilege series I had no idea that I was going to be sucked into such a dark and dramatic story I will admit I picked up Born of Persuasion because I was intrigued by the comparison of Dotta’s writing to that of Austen and the Bronte sisters These claims are made so often and on very few occasions have I actually come across a novel that really can lay claim to these assertions The Price of Privilege series is one of the few exceptions What starts out as an intriguing story about a girl with an unhappy childhood who enjoyed holidays with her friends in the countryside rapidly takes a much darker sinister turn with characters that readers will struggle to peg as truly good or evil The claustrophobia of Julia’s life as well as the seemingly doomed relationship between her and Edward were definitely evocative of the Brontes and reminded me of Wuthering Heights in particular As for the Austen claims? The humour and social commentary injected by the character of Jameson in this book definitely took the edge of the darkness and who can forget Mrs Windham’s theatrics? I’ve said this in reviews for the other books but it needs repeating—these novels truly encapsulate just how difficult it was to be a woman in this time period After her mother dies Julia has to rely on the men around her to protect her—a task particularly perilous given that she doesn’t know if she can trust her guardian and biological father Believing that she can no longer rely on her childhood friend Edward she even goes as far as engaging the help of a matchmaker hoping that marriage will provide the security that she seeks There were times when I felt frustrated at Julia because she couldn’t fix the messes she found herself in and I had to force myself to remember that there was literally nothing she could do Even a woman of fortune such as Julia was still at the mercy of her father husband or brothers The court case that takes place in this novel has as much to do with deciding who Julia belongs to Macy Pierson or Edward as it does charging anyone with a crime I have to admit that Edward isn’t my favourite romantic hero Julia spends two books longing to be with him but since we don’t get to spend a lot of time with him Isaac Lord Pierson’s protégé ended up capturing my heart instead That said you don’t have to be particularly enamoured with Edward to care about the fate of his and Julia’s relationship I appreciated that Jessica Dotta was able to make the reader care about characters other than the protagonist Isaac Jameson Evelyn the Dalrys and even Nancy all have their flaws and endearing ualities Julia and Edward are perhaps the most flawed characters of all In spite of my continual frustrations with Julia her rashness and temper particularly aggravated me at times I can’t deny that she was fantastically realistic Maybe even I would have thrown plates around if I felt as helpless as she wasThe last uarter of this book really amped up the drama and the emotional impact of the story I was reading this book while I waited for my five month old son to fall asleep and I will admit that I sat with him asleep on my lap for a full half hour because I could not put this book down once I entered the final uarter I don’t want to spoil anything but Jessica Dotta definitely took a wrench to my poor heart Julia’s situation is truly helpless and various characters are forced into situations that they wouldn’t otherwise find themselves in testing and proving the true strength of their love for our heroine Julia is also tested and forced to find solace in God when she realises this situation is completely and utterly out of her control—and that had she taken different steps in the past she could have avoided this mess entirely My heart truly hurt for her You may reuire tissues for the ending of this bookLooking at the covers for this series you might be mistaken in thinking that these are light sweet romances Don’t get me wrong—there are some humorous moments some sweet ones and definitely some romance But not every character will get a happy ending and some will be broken in ways that will be incredibly hard to fix Difficult issues are dealt with within the pages of Price of Privilege and while important lessons are learned I wouldn’t want to be in Julia’s shoes for all the pretty dresses in London I’m grateful that times have changed and that I will never feel as hopeless as Julia Elliston even if her story is fascinatingly addictiveReview title provided by Tyndale

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    I have a serious book hangover from finishing this trilogy The prose is some of the best I've encountered There are some exuisite spiritual arcs too If you enjoy gothic or really strong character development or a tone that blends Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte give this series a try One thing that I really appreciated about the series is that books 2 and 3 don't waste time rehashing what happened in the previous books Some seuels dump that information in in a way that is tedious and awkward especially for those of us who remember But Dotta will sprinkle gentle reminders throughout the book only if it's relevant to the current plot It felt naturalI'm really impressed that one story held my attention for the course of three thick books The addition of the character Jameson in this third novel was a very welcome one He was delightful comic reliefI don't want to spoil anything but for those who have read these books I just have to say Isaac

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    I finally finished this book series The final book was significantly interesting than the middle one However I don't know uite what to make of the message of the trilogy I noted that the small print makes it clear that these are not stand alone books I didn't really pick up on that until after I had finished the first one That makes for a very long bookFrom a secular period fiction perspective I would have rated this with 35 stars If Christian principles are not in play then the story was readable although I did find the second book a little dull Honestly I lost track of a few of the fringe characters and some of their activity so maybe the plot was a little too complicated for my tired brain The main characters were well developed and the descriptive detail well writtenHowever as a Christian book and story of redemption I found this lacking I cannot really go into too much detail without spoilers The conversions in the story are vague and there is only a surface dependence on God The main characters only turn to God when in crisis and even then the trust wavers God doesn't seem to be central to these books It seems that the message of redemption is about the main character finding peace or contentment on earth despite her circumstances I think the author is trying to demonstrate that God can heal any of us in our brokenness and sin and that He will meet us where we are at Also that He loves us despite our sin The problem is that because God is not clearly featured the redemption falls short The reuirements and demands of a Holy God are also missing as well as the necessity of obedience I was bothered by the behaviour of some of the characters even after they had made professions of faith their conversions didn't seem to make any difference to how they lived their lives God was just treated as an add on or optional extra most of the time or like a vague presence in the skyThis book series was just okay hence the 2 stars It is clean there is no bad language some non graphic violence and some passion but again not graphic

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    I have to start off by sayingI don't know where to begin with this review This book took me every where and I don't think all of it will ever truly sink in I think I need to go into mourning after finishing this book I hated to see it end This book emotionally gutted meespecially the endingOh that ending I will not say on it just good heavens I didn't see it coming Y'all need to read itIt's been a full 24 hours since I finished this book I still haven't moved past it Goodness this story had everything and kept me guessing through it all I could not point out and say such and such is going to happen then watch it happennope uite the opposite I was left dumbfounded and uestioning how is anything going to work out? It was the best puzzle I have ever tried to figure outAs you can probably tell this book was spectacular The story twisted and turned and danced its way through the book The characters have shown growth and changewell all but one I will get to that in a little bit Julia Edward and Issac have been flushed out You are at the point that you care for them and are rooting for them You can understand where they are and why they think the way they doI was a little hesitant with Julia's thoughts in the previous book but it plays into how this series works She was still in transition and what she thought wasn't fully where it needed to be since she was still learning Here she has come into her own She understands and now has the ability to fightEdward I was leery of him in the first book with his rough and forceful way of speaking to people but then he was humbled in the second book and finally we get to know who he really is and why Julia has cared for him so long in this bookAnd Issacok he hasn't changed he is just as fabulous as he has always has been Plus we get to see his sweet family again Not as much but enough to love the support they offer to Julia Issac Lord Dalry is best That is all there is to itThe other character that hasn't changed is Forrester He is a worm I think I despise him as much as I despised Umbridge in Harry Potter Good Grief Nothing positive ever came out of his mouth and I kind of liked him less them Macy And that is saying somethingMacy as a character isn't around much in this book which is amazing considering the force of power he shows It is truly impressive the range this man has over most of London society And he knows how the use the press to his advantage It is pretty spectacular in how he handles things in his dark and sinister wayI enjoyed this series to no end Each book added on and info to flush out the characters and it brought you in and experience everything that Julia did I loved the darker feel of this book It had the same feeling as the classic Gothic romances like Jane Eyre but the wonderful heroes of Jane AustenIf you haven't read this series yet you need toThank you to the Tyndale Blogger Network I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review This review was originally posted

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    Exceptional conclusion to historical fiction which is shattering the metrics of CBA romance An unreliable narrator a Dickensian propensity for twisting winding interwoven storylines a winning and wonderful narration heartbreak and drama Dotta has a winning way of cunningly revisiting the Victorian Gothic and lovers of Bleak House and Jane Eyre whether coming from a background of faith or not will sink into this highly literary endeavour The sheer verisimilitude pitch perfect dialect and tone and well coloured tapestry of believable dimensional characters puts Dotta at the top of the historical game To add she plays with convention especially in the CBA sphere Her heroine is not necessarily the protagonist not all ends are tied up neatly there are enough sly euphemisms to sink a ship and the humour is as steep as the pathos The third installment is told with the same beguiling nod to the past with an upstairs downstairs feel portentous chapter endings and a brave conclusion that will shatter readers expectations Even though Dotta writes in the past I like to think this is the CBA fiction future Smart winning and without restriction Dotta is a genius and master of plot and character Finally readers will be surprised to realize that the last book is mostly comprised of a cloistered actionless setting completely reliant on dialogue to inform circumstance and movement Not unlike a tv bottle episode or a cozy mystery a la Agatha Christie this was a nice uniue touch and suited the high class society in which Julia has become a pawn Part Forsyte Saga part mystery all wonderment political intrigue and topped with a dollop of romance the Anglophile will adore this series This is groundbreaking stuff She doesn't talk down to the reader she expects you to rise to her level You will want to read and re read and read again to make sure that you catch all the deft threads she has sewn to tie up this ornate and opiate yarn

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    Oh my goodness I am so sick and tired of books where I really like every other character besides the main character Edward Jamison and Isaac are fantastic lovable characters I even liked Macy better than Juls because at least he was smart and cunning and successful at what he did Juls was such a weak character I thought I would pull my eyelashes out if she said she just couldn't communicate her words one time What a cheap way out She did not deserve the love and loyalty given to her by Edward and Isaac She may have been a broken bird but what else of her acts truly inspired such wonderful love and loyalty? Everyone of her actions was selfish and stupid despite the fact that she would continuously say her love for others was her motivation from putting them in harms way So then she wouldn't communicate with anyone who loved her would run off making a completely idiotic decision I kept waiting and yearning for her to redeem herself with some act of brilliance or defiance or finding her voice or somethingWhat a joke It's a miracle I even finished this trilogy what a waste I have to say I am shocked that female authors continue to produce stories with such weak female protagonists I understand the social morays of the time would dictate certain behaviors from a young woman however women like Adelia could certainly prove otherwise so there's no reason why the main character could not follow suit

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    Take this series off your to read list now Spare yourself Not only did this series get worse as it went on so did the characters except Isaac I started to dislike most of the characters and and couldn't believe I was still reading about them The ending? So sad This story was too drawn out for me I feel as though I wasted my time reading I did like the first book but it's not worth reading if you have to read 2 3 to know what happens It's a shame

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    Long winded and dull With the most irritatingly passive character ever

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Price of Privilege Price of Privilege Trilogy #3

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