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A moving story of one family's attempt to make a differenceIn 2011 Karen Scott and Mark Finlay and their six children opened their home and hearts to a sad skinny five year old boy who was placed with them by New Zealand's Child Youth and The heart breaking tale of a family and the little boy they fostered for two years Written candidly by his foster mother her love for this troubled and troublesome child shines through every word and even knowing the shattering end you still cannot help but hope that things will turn out all right It highlights also with some controversy the problems of dealing with CYF although it also endeavours to point out the trials that they must face One's heart cannot help but go out to Karen and her family and even to James although one cannot help but draw parallels between this and We Need to Talk about Kevin and realise that despite her misgivings Karen made the right decision for her familyYes I am aware WNtTaK is a fiction and this is fact

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Family services James arrived with nothing other than the clothes he was wearing supposedly for just a short term stay But what followed were two turbulent years as Karen and Mark attempted to parent a very troubled young boy'Another Mothe A jarring true story of courage and heartache I feel a lot of admiration for people who foster children particularly in cases like this but also sadness for when things don't turn out the way everyone would hope It's so sad that children go through this and have been given such a lack of hopechance in life by being failed by the people who are supposed to give them a great start in lifeNot the kind of book I would normally read but i enjoyed itMy rating 35

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R's Love' is a heart wrenching account of a mother's attempt to nurture her foster child with unconditional love and kindness However is love enough Karen and Mark faced a harrowing decision – to give up James or risk their family's futu Very moving tale of when a system fails a young child and those who are charged with the responsibility of looking after him Sundri young child and those who are charged with the responsibility of looking after him

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