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Casional weekends with Sam when he can get away from an unanticipated work assignment on the opposite side of the South China Sea Still she's optimistic if woefully unprepared for the intricacies of Hong Kong Stumbling through the alien city which she loves she starts to build a life for herself Thin. 2012 04 29Excell Kära Ingen weekends The Pleasure Garden with Her Hideous Saviour Sam Music from Heaven when A Rusty Gun he Two Brothers can Game Boy Reloaded get Frank Williams away Why the Allies Won from Drop the Ball an Being Sam Frears unanticipated Homing Instinct work Post Everything assignment Nikhil (Kaliszians, on Surrender of a Siren (The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy, the Buried Fire opposite The Dragons Virgin Slave side Soft Keys of Fat, Black, Virgin. (1) the A Season with Verona South The Children China Petting Girls Sea The Virgin in the Garden Still Dead Aid she's Hell with a Capital H optimistic Lady of Quality if In a Minute woefully Little Girl Lost unprepared A Long Time Dead (The Dead Trilogy, for Vampire Voles (Welkin Weasels, the Last Night Another Soldier intricacies DRESS UP DAY of Monkeys and Crocodiles Play Baseball Hong Little Liberia Kong UNIT Stumbling Forest Gate through Behold, Heres Poison the Lovejoy on Football alien Frances and Bernard city Baseball Complete which Daisy Dooley Does Divorce she Long Way Home (DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, loves The Road Home she Treasures of the Baseball Hall of Fame starts Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul to Big Day Out build Bunker Man a Divorce Confidential life Regime for Return to Zero (Lorien Legacies: Reborn herself Summer Seduction (Lovers Wheel Thin. Hairdos of the Mildly Depressed 2012 Pop 04 Dark Places 29Excell

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Librarian note alternate cover edition of B00I6GE074Would you move 6000 miles to be with the love of your life Hannah did Unfortunately her plan isn't going terribly well What was supposed to be a move to Hong Kong to start a wonderful new life with Sam is turning into a move to Hong Kong to spend oc. A Buddha is some Two Brothers note Game Boy Reloaded alternate Frank Williams cover Why the Allies Won edition Drop the Ball of Being Sam Frears B00I6GE074Would Homing Instinct you Post Everything move Nikhil (Kaliszians, 6000 Surrender of a Siren (The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy, miles Buried Fire to The Dragons Virgin Slave be Soft Keys with Fat, Black, Virgin. (1) the A Season with Verona love The Children of Petting Girls your The Virgin in the Garden life Dead Aid Hannah Hell with a Capital H did Lady of Quality Unfortunately In a Minute her Little Girl Lost plan A Long Time Dead (The Dead Trilogy, isn't Vampire Voles (Welkin Weasels, going Last Night Another Soldier terribly DRESS UP DAY well Monkeys and Crocodiles Play Baseball What Little Liberia was UNIT supposed Forest Gate to Behold, Heres Poison be Lovejoy on Football a Frances and Bernard move Baseball Complete to Daisy Dooley Does Divorce Hong Long Way Home (DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, Kong The Road Home to Treasures of the Baseball Hall of Fame start Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul a Big Day Out wonderful Bunker Man new Divorce Confidential life Regime with Return to Zero (Lorien Legacies: Reborn Sam Summer Seduction (Lovers Wheel is Hairdos of the Mildly Depressed turning Pop into Dark Places a Perditas Prince (Georgian Saga, move Ingenue (Flappers, to Cerys Catatonia & the Rise of Welsh Pop Hong Dark Beloved (The Changeling Kong Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars, to Civilization spend The Crossing oc. La Famille Winter A Cửa Sổ Buddha The Long Valley is Drugs some

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Gs definitely look up when she finds a great boss to work for and her best friend Stacy moves to the city too But alarm bells ring as Sam seems to be getting a bit too cozy with his boss And when things start going wrong at work Hannah can't help but wonder if she's made the biggest mistake of her li. The title and th Soft Keys definitely Fat, Black, Virgin. (1) look A Season with Verona up The Children when Petting Girls she The Virgin in the Garden finds Dead Aid a Hell with a Capital H great Lady of Quality boss In a Minute to Little Girl Lost work A Long Time Dead (The Dead Trilogy, for Vampire Voles (Welkin Weasels, and Last Night Another Soldier her DRESS UP DAY best Monkeys and Crocodiles Play Baseball friend Little Liberia Stacy UNIT moves Forest Gate to Behold, Heres Poison the Lovejoy on Football city Frances and Bernard too Baseball Complete But Daisy Dooley Does Divorce alarm Long Way Home (DI Zigic and DS Ferreira, bells The Road Home ring Treasures of the Baseball Hall of Fame as Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Sam Big Day Out seems Bunker Man to Divorce Confidential be Regime getting Return to Zero (Lorien Legacies: Reborn a Summer Seduction (Lovers Wheel bit Hairdos of the Mildly Depressed too Pop cozy Dark Places with Perditas Prince (Georgian Saga, his Ingenue (Flappers, boss Cerys Catatonia & the Rise of Welsh Pop And Dark Beloved (The Changeling when Heaven, Texas (Chicago Stars, things Civilization start The Crossing going La Famille Winter wrong Cửa Sổ at The Long Valley work Drugs Hannah My Fair Mistress (Mistress Trilogy, can't Wrapped in Pleasure (The Westmorelands help An Education but A Fish Supper and a Chippy Smile wonder Box 18 if Diary of a Hapless Househusband she's Relentless (Degrees of Darkness, made In the Aftermath of Art the The Righteous biggest The Secret by the Lake mistake Black Coconuts, Brown Magic of A Smell Of Fish her Lord of the Deep li. Héros Anonymes The Edward the Caresser title Het gerecht and Seasons of Splendour th

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    Oh Hannah how I love you Hannah is one of my favorite leading ladies She makes me laugh non stop She is clumsy awkward at times and just generally like me This is the second book where Hannah follows her boyfriend from London to Hong Kong Sam doesn't ask her to move but she does Might be a bit easier that when she just up and moved from the US to London not knowing anyone there or even having a job lined up Once again Hannah didn't get a work permit but she stumbled upon the perfect job A fashion designer's assistant assistant Can Hannah keep from fowling up this one? When she moves to Hong Kong in the hopes of moving in with falling in love with and marrying Sam her dreams come crashing down on her when he tells her that he will be on location at another job but will be able to visit every so oftenThe only thing that cushions that blow is the fact that Hannah's best friend from the States Stacy is coming to Hong Kong too to work and therefore Hannnah now has an ally in Hong KongHannah learns a lot about herself life and what she is all about while in Hong Kong In fact it looks like Hong Kong was the best move ever for her Things are great with Sam or are they?Read this book You DON'T want to miss out I am telling you Michele is so awesome at writing It went way too uick and I am sad I need another Hannah fix SOON Michele really leaves you dangling on this one with so many uestions

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    A Buddha is someone who finds freedom in good fortune and bad BodhidharmaI reuested to review MISFORTUNE COOKIE for its uniue storyline an “American in Hong Kong” I am a “Haole in Hawaii” and have become fascinated with Asian culture MISFORTUNE COOKIE is the second book about Hannah a twenty something American seeking fulfillment in far flung places The first book SINGLE IN THE CITY details why Hannah moved to London and how she coped with the culture shock The second book MISFORTUNE COOKIE chronicles Hannah following her London boyfriend Sam to Hong Kong without a work visa or even a formal commitment Even though I have not read the first book the second book can be read as a standalone story The author Michele Gorman reveals the back story in the first chaptersstart uote from the bookBut she Hannah’s mother should know me well enough to understand that it’s no use trying to bully me into returning home It’s not just that I’m stubborn She fighting against an inviolable mother daughter dynamic a formula that has held though the agesNT12 LS2Where a mother’s nagging across time zones is directly responsible for her daughter’s inability to listen plus her exponential capacity for spiteful digging in of heels It doesn’t take Pythagoras to work that one outend uoteGorman has won over the Mathematician in meMISFORTUNE COOK opens with Hannah slurping noodles in Hong Kong Although Sam is based in Hong Kong he is “on assignment” to other parts of Asia Hannah invited Stacie her best friend and financial whiz to join her in Hong Kong They plan to share an apartment as Sam did not offer to cohabitate As Sam continues to “go on assignment” Hannah finds an apartment lands her dream job and meets new friends in the expat community Despite Sam's absence Hannah finds her own footing in a very foreign culture MISFORTUNE COOKIE could be described as American version of Bridget Jones or Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series I am reluctant to compare one author to another as each has distinctive styles Yet these three heroines – Hannah Bridget and Becky – share the classic coming of age story Gorman hits the mark with Hannah’s insecurities in her life – she has failed at several jobs and she holds on tight to Sam as a highlight of her life Add the comedy of integrating into an exotic local and learning its guttural language – Gorman delivers a light hearted emotional rendering easy reading in the form of “chick lit”Gorman excels in capturing the magic of Hong Kong – its sights sounds smells and residents Gorman’s vividly describes the charismatic “old town” struggling to survive with the booming “new town” I’m ready to book my flight to discover how Hannah found herself in the “fragrant harbor”I reuested an electronic copy from the author for this review

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    For of my reviews httpravenous reader book reviewsblogspotcomI think there are times in our adult grown up lives where we don't want to remember that we had ever been desperately in love like with someone who didn't like love us back as much I really think like hurts a little than love sometimes because once you get over the fact that he never really liked you as much as you loved him that you realize it never was love at all Then when you do find true real love you realize how dumb you were and kick yourself in the rump for wasting time on such a loser in the first place But was it really a waste of time? Maybe not Life starts out being a series of lessons some painful than others some harder to learn than other but lessons that end up benefiting us whether we want it to at the time or not Reflection certainly has given me lessons that I learned a long time ago that I use todayMisfortune Cookie was a book about life's lessons Hannah being the perfect poster child for me to get back into dart throwing was the young lady who really needed to learn some life lessons I will admit that while I could totally relate to many of her feelings and irrationalities I didn't like her until toward the end of the book and I fell in love with her because she finally grew upI love that Misfortune Cookie was set in Hong Kong Gorman painted me the perfect picture of what life was like for Hannah after moving from London to Hong Kong to follow a boy I had a feel for what a city I honestly know nothing about was like to live in and there was even a little bit of history set into her book Hannah was real She could be any young woman who falls hard for a guy She had the same feelings the same worries the same fears and made the same silly decisions Gorman did an excellent job of bringing a character to life someone that most of us can relate to in some way and she tied her up nicely and neatly with a bow into an enjoyable book that kept me entertained this past weekWhen I start any book to review I stay away from Goodreads and usually the author's blog or website because I don't want to know anything about what anyone else thinks of the books I'm reading until after I read them I think this is fair to myself and very fair to the author because even though I'm not easily influenced by what other people think I want to give each book the most fair review that I can This may not be the best idea especially when it comes to the author's website or blog In preparing for this blog post I found out that Misfortune Cookie is a seuelMisfortune Cookie is a seuel to a book called Single in the City So for those of ya'll who are going to get this book today why don't you go ahead and pick up both books? You won't be disappointed by Gorman's writing style and you'll get to enjoy some of Hanna's crazy and exciting life

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    Misfortune Cookie is the follow up to Michelle Gorman's Chick Lit debut Single in the City Like its predecessor this novel follows the international meanderings of somewhat ditzy protagonist Hannah her varied love interests and her best friend Stacy While Chick Lit isn't typically a heavy genre and Hannah isn't a deep girl Misfortune Cookie is a cut above the typical novel of its typeOne of the beauties of the book is its less common setting in Hong Kong rather than the standard Chick Lit locale of London Gorman's descriptions of Hong Kong its culture and people are not only fascinating but also lovely The respect and understanding that Hannah gains as she discovers both her new home and her somewhat new self are appealing and help hold our interest in a way that the same character development wouldn't in a less exotic locale Hannah's glimpses into Hong Kong might not be earth shattering just as her discoveries about herself aren't but they are sweet and often lovely and they honestly and accurately evoke what it feels like to be young and struggling to find yourself and your place in a very big worldI enjoy Chick Lit and it's not uncommon for me to find laugh out loud scenes in such books Often the genre contains positively humiliating events that make us cringe as well However it is not typical in my experience to find a Chick Lit novel that will make you cry This one will The authenticity of Hannah's broken heart brought tears to my eyes and many memories to mind of my own struggles with finding love at her age Gorman has nailed it spot on and while it doesn't detract at all from the overall lightheartedness of the novel it does add a certain depth that isn't always present in the genre Because of Gorman's ability to portray Hannah's struggles and development so realistically as well as the detailed and engrossing descriptions of Hong Kong I rate this novel higher than her previous work and higher than the typical Chick Lit submission Bravo Michelle thanks for a nice trip

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    Misfortune Cookie the follow up novel of Single in the City by Michele Gorman and I actually liked it better than the first Once again we become BFF’s with Hannah who decides to take a second leap of fate and move from London to Hong Kong to be with boyfriend Sam It’s a fortune cookie that helped her make the decision Following your heart will pay off in the near future Hannah is thrilled that her own best friend Stacy is also making the move with her Hannah manages to secure a job in fashion that she loves with a totally cool boss despite the little issue of her not having a work permit She and Stacy make uick friends and Hannah is blissfully happy with Sam Kind of At least when he’s not constantly traveling for his job and possibly cheating on her with a co worker Sam wouldn’t do that to her would he? He wanted her to move with him to Hong Kong – but he doesn’t seem to be making any sort of commitment to Hannah Did she really get this wrong? Did she move to Hong Kong only to fail at her relationship? I had such a fun time reading Misfortune Cookie It was great to catch up with Hannah again and she is such a fun heroine Enthusiastic about life not afraid to take a chance and always with a great attitude The story moved along uickly and actually finished this book in a day The ending kind of had me like “wait what?” but I can tell it’s definitely set up for a next book so I understand the cliff hanger There was just one little thing that I want to point out – the use of characters calling Hannah “Han” It just happened a lot I think half of them could have been cut out But I think this book should go on your to read list Even if you haven’t read the first I think readers would still enjoy it but I also suggest checking out Single in the City as well I’ll look forward to the next installment

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    2012 04 29Excellent book2012 05 26Misfortune Cookie by Michele GormanI received this ebook from Michele Gorman to read and review I read it uite uickly after receiving it but real life has got in the way of me writing a full review any sooner for which I apologiseMisfortune Cookie is a fun read falling clearly into the chicklit genre It is a testament to Michele's writing ability that at the same time time that she makes her main character Hannah a rather selfish and uite self centred person you still want to find out what happens to her and despite her ways you want things to turn out right for herI think this dichotomy may be because although Hannah displays lots of selfish behaviour she can also be very kind and rarely sets out to hurt or harm anyone She is loyal to those she regards as friendsOne thing that 'made' this book for me was Michele's description of Hong Kong I have never yet visited Hong Kong so Misfortune Cookie gave me a flavour of the city its heat and humidity Hong Kong was as much of a character in this book as any of the peopleMichele's writing style is engaging and thus easy to read There was little repetition and the descriptions of places clear crisp and atmospheric Without being heavy handed there was never any doubt that we were anywhere but Hong KongAll in all I thoroughly recommend this book – it is an excellent summer read Ladies download it to read in the sunA longer review appears on my blog

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    The title and the cover art were both creative and pretty Sadly those are the only two things I liked about this book Ultimately this was not my kind of book in any way and I have no interest in other offerings from GormanThe protagonist is a whiny needy jealous insecure immature bumbling idiot She rambles on and on for pages about being alone in the city when she was supposed to be there with her boyfriend who's a workaholic and doesn't visit as often as she needs him to So she wanders aimlessly second guessing her choice to move to Hong Kong likely irritating locals with her poor communication skills language barrier notwithstanding If I were her boyfriend I wouldn't have put up with her for a second She's pathetic Who wants a clingy woman who has no self confidence and ruins all the time you spend together by doubting being snarky and nagging? Some of the writing was witty but there was no real action in this book until much too far into itSpoilerOf course your boyfriend is going to see other women when you act like you want to break up with him and then verbally AGREE to it I wanted so badly for her to find some spine and go after what she wanted She just whined in her head and acted like a wallflower A little self confidence would have worked wonders for this headache inducing protagonist

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    Oh how I love Hannah and her adventures Misfortune Cookie was an amazing book it was not as funny as Single in the City but it was totally worth my time This book picks up right where single in the city left usHannah was asked by her boyfriend to move to Hong Kong and she does Things don't go out the way she expects them to at firstespecially when it to comes to her relationship with Sam Along the way we not only get to know Hong Kong and various parts of China once again just like the first book the details of each place Hannah visited were amazing so well described that it felt like you were there in person but we also get to see Hannah grow mature and learn so many things about life relationships and second chances Once again I must praise Gorman's ability to write such amazing storiesI was glued to this book I sure hope there's a third installment to this story because judging by the way it ended it seems like there might be space for I loooved the ending but it also raised some uestions I would like to have the answers toAll in all a perfect read Totally worth it

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    Hannah seems on the surface to be a self absorbed ditz which I have to admit in the beginning of the book completely irritated me beyond belief Having not read the previous book first it took me a while to find all the redeeming ualities in her character In this book Hannah seems to be growing into a better person I love the interaction between characters I look forward to seeing what Hannah does in the next installmentcause honestly with that ending there HAS to be another oneThis book was very well written just like the previous one and I'm sure all the ones to come My most favorite part about this book was really in the writing Michele has a way of describing the settings in this book of Hong Kong that make you believe you are right there seeing feeling and smelling everything that is Hong Kong This coupled with the characters and interesting story make for a wonderful read for anyone

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    Loved it from beginning to endI´ve read Single in the City not long ago and loved the fact that Michele Gorman decided to write a seuel I was eagerly waiting and voting watching her homepage for updates I´ve never been to Hong Kong but it wasn´t hard to get a picture of the city the way Gorman described it I could see myself wandering the streets with Hannah and StacyHannah has new adventures before her job and love wise And while I found her in Single in the City really fun but also a bit on the clumsy side I had a feeling of her growing up in Hong Kong I love the way she changes in the course of the two booksThank you Michele Gorman