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But it is also a journey through the keys and the music that inspired shaped and provided refuge for Emma throughout her travels with music I thought this was an open honest and inspiring adventure about tackling life change and the greatest bicycle trip in the world intertwined with a discourse about the different musical keys and the emotions they evoke as one hits the sharps majors and flats minors in life

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Memoir intercontinental cycling adventure music guide CADENCE is the debut book by ABC Classic FM’s Emma AyresIn her provocative intellig WHATEVER HAPPENED TO EMMAIt is now early March of 2018Last week I was watching The Drum a discussion and analysis of recent news a woman was chairing the panel of two men and two women the two youngish men had previously been women; the two older women had previously been men They openly discussed their problems and challenges in their new guises Eddie Ayres had briefly returned to Sydney from Afghanistan where he had been teaching music Emma made a very handsome credible man It was wonderful to listen to this open discussion I had got back from a short overseas trip to find that Emma Ayres had disappeared from our radio airwaves namely ABC FM Classical station Her accenther uirky ways and sly gently landmine placed humour had REALLY grown on meI was thrilled when she announced she had become an Australian citizenI knew her partner Jane was a close friend of the wife of one of my nephews I felt almost relatedOur new Liberal Facisti would be a better word Federal Government was cracking down on our Government TV and Radio stations the ABC ie the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Friends and I wondered if Emma had been one of their earliest targets Conspiracy theories asideshe was missedand still isWhat a thrill to find a BOOK by and about her in the local Dulwich Hill Bookstore of which I have almost bought half the contents I bought it immediately for a fellow fan Fran Madly and enjoyingly trying to complete it before Fran returns from a trip to PerthGlad to see lots of Aussies have enjoyed their read toojust checked at the book's Goodreads Site And a few readers from OSoverseas as wellPerhaps some readers not too conversant with Music or Music Theory do get a bit taken aback by the MUSIC content but when you have known about Emma THAT is Emma You read it and expect it and possibly WANT it So nonsense to want to get the publisher to reprint it as TWO BooksLike asking the publisher to reprint War and Peace in 2 Volumes markedyeah You Got It If you enjoy traveller's tales music Emma's humour and wisdoms memoirs from Childhood onwardswell this is the book for YOU PS A CD of the music Emma mentions in this her First book was made as a companion piece to this book which might satisfy those who wantautobiographers to dismantle their Written Lives so they don't have to read about the bits that don't interest themOtherwise fans of Emma and lovers of Music will not gripe at the contents chosen hereundoubtedly by EmmaI picked mine up recently July 2015there's NO theory; but there are 12 tracks most excerpts from larger worksThe 3 Great B's BachBeethoven and Brahms feature twice eachand ElgarSchumannShostakovitchMozart Webern account for the restAVAILABLE from ABC Shops ABC Centres good music stores and online at wwwabcshopcomauNow that DIVISION should appeal to EVERYBODY

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Ent surprising and funny memoir Cadence Emma cycles her way from England to Hong Kong with a violin she calls Aurelia strapped to her back Dear MumYou gave me Emma Ayres' memoir Cadence a year ago It's only taken me a year to get around to reading it which let's be honest isn't a bad turn around when it comes to your gifts and my reading them Anyway you gave me this book for a number of reasons I think you knew that Classic FM was our choice of alarm clock station; after uarrelling over whether it should be Triple M him or Triple J me and anyway then we both grew up So for a long time it was Emma's dulcet tones that let me know it was time to drag my carcass out of bed Then there was the bicycle aspect one of the chief points of the book is that Emma rides her bike from England to Hong Kong and that reminded you of our bicycle trip around the UK And then there was the music aspect which clearly had nothing to do with me but I guess you thought might appeal to my trumpeter but she's viola and cello and brass players and string players have something of a mutual animosity I think The first thing to note about this book is that it made me immensely grateful for my stable boring childhood Boring in that sense is a good thing Because Emma did not have a boring childhood Her father left the family when she was very young; her mother struggled immensely to provide for the family; her middle sister was very troubled bordering on dangerous None of them issues I had to deal with Also her mother signed her up for violin instead of cello thus breaking her heart You on the other hand allowed me to experiment with flute but probably were not surprised when I gave it up pretty uickly Let's be honest; I'm not exactly flautist materialThe book has a lot of potential which phrase may be a clue to the fact that I didn't adore it SorryThe potential is in Emma's life the life of a musician isn't inherently interesting but Emma did a lot of interesting things studied in Berlin played in Hong Kong and she has a nice turn of phrase that makes even a non musician interested in the learning to play music bits Plus she keeps agonising about whether she wants to try her hand at cello as an adult which is a fairly major change to considerThen of course there's the trip across Europe and Asia by bicycle and all that entailed She did it solo and she attributes the many many interesting conversations she had to this fact and the fact that she was cycling with a violin strapped to her back Turns out that even if you don't speak the same language you can indicate your desire for a bit of Brahms with your lunch fairly easily In the last half or so of the book Emma starts talking about the idea of cadence which is apparently a big deal in music I must admit that there were a few bits that I skimmed over because I just don't get music speak so when she's waxing lyrical about majors and minors and tones and fifths my eyes glaze and I start thinking about lunch There's perfect cadences and interrupted cadences and so on Cadence is also important in cycling and when you get a good cadence riding is a bit like flying I think that what Emma was trying to convey in this memoir is that life has its cadences Interrupted cadences can add to the richness of life and so on But she only started talking about that towards the end So it didn't really work as a framing deviceI think this is the problem with the book overall There's a distinct lack of structure and form Is it a book about her cycling adventure Well yes but not entirely In fact I felt a bit betrayed in the last chapter where she mentions that actually she got to Lahore was so stuffed that she went home for a while then flew back to Lahore to finish Which is SO fine I've got nothing invested in her finishing in one go but why not mention that say chronologically It's also only at the end that you find out she's been raising money for a charity Which is weird Anyway It's also about her making major life choices but it's not always framed around those either So I was frustrated by the meandering from childhood story to 20 something story to 30 something story with a lack of obvious connection Like going from Brahms to Limp Bizkit and then to Howlin' Wolf without an explanation as to whyANYway Thanks for buying us this book It's not one I would have bought myself but I definitely don't regret reading it It only took me a day to read while I was campingLoveA

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About the Author: Emma Ayres

Emma Ayres born 1967 is a musician music teacher and radio presenter She is notable for her work on the Australian ABC Classic FM radio station as well as for her numerous charitable efforts

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