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Khu Author Jocelyn Murray

Summary Khu Author Jocelyn Murray

Ower Egypt compete for sovereignty over a realm plagued by instability rebellion and fear Two kings and their kingdoms battle over one dream a dream threatened by shifting allegiances and foreign invasion Khu is a story of a boy wh. The story of Khu follows a boy with mysterious golden eyes as he helps his father Pharoa

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Egypt 2035 BC In a land steeped in myth and superstition a raid on a small village leaves a young boy Khu its only survivor Fate paves a strange and mystical path through dark and uncertain times when the split powers of Upper and L. The winds presaged a coming change in the divided lands a change that would rise up fro

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O becomes a warrior amid tragedy and triumph It is a tale of virtue vice and valor where the destiny of a divided nation is inextricably linked to that of the boy Khu in the struggle to restore Egypt to a unified and glorious kingdo. Descriptions A'PlentyThis novel was extremely well written with flawless passages that t

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    The most striking aspect of this novel is the author’s incredible passion and knowledge of her subject matter I personally found it highly infectious Every chapter we find ourselves learning something new about this ancient Egyptian period one set after the golden age of the Old Kingdom and now a divided country where “darkness” shrouds much of land and “bands and robbers and lawless tribes” crawl through “the region like grain beetles” The author brings alive a world four millennia ago with countless pieces of information about the roles of the various gods ceremonial items cycles of the Nile and the journey of the soul after deathThere is a clear juxtaposition between good and evil in this tale and the author deals with each of these differently Khu like his adopted father Mentuhotep is an idealised character one “completely without guile” with “jewelled eyes” showing “nothing but sincerity” In contrast however the author allows herself far creative freedom for her villains Khety the rival ruler is a fascinating character study Whilst we see him at first as a traditional Machiavellian; ruthless scheming and bent on power we are soon given glimpses into his soul and find him to be a tortured individual motivated by jealousy “heartache pain and misery” There are several villainous characters in the tale and the author seems to delight in writing about each one The most truly terrifying of all is Ankhtifi Khety’s enforcer a psychopath devoid of warmth and humour and a man whose reputation “preceded him with the stench of death” Overall I found Khu A Tale of Ancient Egypt a most enjoyable and informative read so much so I plan to read by this author

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    The winds presaged a coming change in the divided lands a change that would rise up from the south to blow all the way to the northern settlements lying beyond Mentuhotep's reach where it would expose the wicked to burn like chaff under a blazing sun It was a good omen filling people with cautious optimism despite the growing uneasiness brewing like the thick heet fermenting in large vats And as an orange sun claimed the stillness of the late afternoon sky on the storm's final day people touched their amulets in a silent plea for courage guidance and protection in the times to comeYou can't write historical fiction well without being truly in love with your subject and Jocelyn Murray obviously loves Egypt She's taken a short period of obscure history from 4000 years ago and turned it into an exciting and relevant story all of it based upon actual people and events with liberties added from her own fertile and entertaining imaginationThe title character Khu is actually one of the few fictional characters in the book though in Murray's own admission is based upon an unknown warrior prince buried nearby King Mentuhotep II the unifier of a divided Egypt upon whom the book is based I also saw Khu as the living embodiment of the driving element of the story The Prophecy of Neferti an ancient pseudo? prophetic text that told of a ruler that would arise to unite Egypt under a reign of peaceHaving read one of Murray's shorter books geared towards adolescents I wasn't expecting such depth to this novel The rich accounts of daily life in ancient Egypt foods make up etiuette architecture weather professions religious practices family life civil law etc are so naturally woven into the tapestry of the story that you take them for granted while reading it and it isn't until you've come to a stopping point that you realize how much factual information you've just gleaned about a people living so long ago Four very enjoyable stars as Murray lives up to the Rudyard Kipling maxim that If history were taught in the form of stories it would never be forgotten

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    I have always been fascinated by history and especially Egypt’s Reading a book that is based on real history with the addition of some fictional characters it’s a reader’s dream come trueWhen his family is brutally murdered Khu ends up being saved by one of Pharaoh Mentuhotep’s wives and thus becoming pharaoh’s adoptive son With his mysterious golden eyes Khu possesses the sixth sense which allows him to see into the heart and soul of people To others it may not be something important but Khu is planning on helping his father fulfill the prophesy of Neferti to unite the upper and lower EgyptKhu’s story is a fiction one but it fits perfectly with the reality that is Egypt’s history Khu was such a strong character He was the only survivor of his people and he endured a lot He wanted to avenge the death of his parents and at the same time he wanted to help his father unite EgyptKhu A tale of ancient Egypt was an amazing read It was highly informative it was enjoyable but mainly it was very different from other historical books I’ve read Khu was a well developed character and I really liked him What I liked mostly was the author’s writing style Even the villains of the story such as Khety who wasn’t that bad and Ankhtifi Khety’s enforcer and an evil to the core were perfectly described She had clearly much knowledge about the period of time she was describing All in all Khu’s story was a great one combining real history with fictionTotally recommendedCopy provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres and this book was up there with the best of them The author’s knowledge and passion for Ancient Egypt really shines through with the description particularly strong and I was instantly transported into the ancient world upon reading any page It was a welcome escape from modern life and the storyline kept me engrossed throughout It was obvious the author had done her research thoroughly which made the story all the rewarding I really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys not only great storytelling but well researched historical fiction

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    The story of Khu follows a boy with mysterious golden eyes as he helps his father Pharoah Mentuhotep fulfill the prophecy of Neferti unify upper and lower Egypt somewhere around 2020 BC The story is based on actual events of the rise of Egypt’s Middle Kingdom although Khu is a fictional character The fictional part of the story introduces the orphan Khu as he is saved in Moses like fashion by one of Mentuhotep’s wives and becomes the adopted son of the Pharoah His golden eyes reveal the sixth sense that he has always possessed and is utilized extensively by his father to rule well The language used was very descriptive almost to the point of flowery and really helped the reader engage hisher senses of ancient Egypt I loved the use of real history even though the story was woven around fictional characters I especially appreciated the historical information and pictures at the end that detailed what was actual history and what wasn’t making this book much meaningful as it helped bring context to the story I also loved the adoption story and how it was treated respectfully by Khu’s adoptive mother and even while the story of the big battle incorporated Khu’s personal vengeance for the tragedy that took his family his father understood and allowed him to do what he needed to do As someone who works in adoption it is nice to see both a positive story while still dealing with the grief and loss aspect that should never be overlooked While overall I enjoyed the book the cover seemed a bit generic Some plot points were somewhat dismissed such as the potential rivalry between Khu and the heir to the throne by a simple change of heart which seems a tad shallow and unrealistic But other than a few random points this was a very engaging book and uick read

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    Khu A Tale of Ancient Egypt was exactly that an engrossing tale about ancient Egypt If you have ever wanted to have a history lesson in a culture that lived over 4000 years ago this would definitely be a book for your reading list It was very easy to immerse yourself into the past and into the vivid descriptions of what life may have been likeKhu is one of the main characters of the story An orphaned child who saw unspeakable evil at a very young age A child who had been blessed by the gods and the fates Khu has an amazing ability to see into the heart and soul of those around him Hes blessed with an amazing intuition that will save many lives After being orphaned he is taken into the home of Tem the primary consort of King Mentuhotep He is raised in the palace and recognized as a son of the ruler who wants to see a divided Egypt made wholeKhu is trained as a warrior and not only faces down the terror that befell the village of his youth he is a part of the battle that will finally see King Mentuhoteps dream of a reunited Egypt become realityThe story was vividly told and you could see the temples and feel the reverence and fear that the Egyptians held for the gods of their day You were completely immersed in a world that none of us has seen but can only imagine And I think that it came across as better than I could have ever imagined Beautifully illistrated through words that were nearly as vivid and clear as a painting I enjoyed this book very much and was sad when it ended I wanted to hear

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    Descriptions A'PlentyThis novel was extremely well written with flawless passages that transported the reader to the Nile and surrounding deserts of Ancient Egypt The amount of these vivid descriptions however I could have done without I downloaded the audio version because I like the option of listening as well as reading but each time I listened to the story I would zone out during these long romanticized portals of the landscape Also why is this book called Khu? Khu was only a minor character with a few back stories to illuminate another fictional historical character It was truly a story about Mentuhotep and I would have much rather have had his name in the title I kept waiting for Khu to take a prominent spot in the story work towards being this savior that was promised but he never did The story line was alright but stretched It was an entertaining story although I would have rather it not dragged on for 300 pages or be named after a minor character

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    I do not read much Historical fiction but I'm glad I decided to read this one'Khu A Tale of Ancient Egypt' provides a riveting account of the ancient world and it can be clearly seen that the author has done a lot of research on the subject The map and appendix provided regarding the places and the Ancient Gods mentioned throughout the text provide credibility to the same I applaud the author for the effortBut besides the story of Ancient Egypt Khu is a wonderful tale of a young boy's strength and endurance of family and brotherhood and the victory of good over evil All scenarios have been beautifully depicted and if you are a fan of historical fiction this one is sure to keep you engrossed throughout

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    This is a work of fiction set in the ancient Middle East The opening chapter reminded me of the biblical story of Moses in the bullrushesA uick check of a few facts indicated that this is truly historical fictionThe writer builds the story around Khu the protagonist and does a fine job drawing the reader in and keeping the interest level high I wouldn't call the book a page turner partly because this is the kind of good prose I love that takes time setting the scenes and developing characters both main and secondaryAuthor Jocelyn Murray does all that and Murray develops a great story set in a land back in time when people lived in fear and with superstitions and evil forces were constantly at odds with the good

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    This novel was too heavy on exposition and the action of the plot came in disconnected spurts The tension didn't build steadily toward a climax because there were too many stops and starts and too much unnecessary description of landscapes religious beliefs etc And the dangers to the main character and the Pharaoh were not very threatening It was obvious that they would always survive I have read a lot of historical fiction set in Ancient Egypt and this one is one of my least favorites It was a slog to get to the end

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