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  • Paperback
  • 124
  • Easy Breezy Miracle
  • Emmanuel Dagher
  • en
  • 06 October 2017
  • 9781492960973

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    I love Emmanuel Dagher – he is very loving and a strong healer and he has written an enchanting little bookEmmanuel’s definition of a miracle is “an experience a person attracts into their life as a direct result of being in alignment with the natural flow of life” He has written this book to help us attain this alignmentAlignment is not about control nor letting go but letting be Emmanuel tells us that alignment entails a lot of trust and “reuires you to develop and maintain a demeanor of positive energy”Miracles are manifestations of our degree of alignment with the universeThe book is in part divided into five “Miracle Foundations” – Self love and acceptance Releasing attachments Being present Circulation and Imagination Each “foundation” contains several miracle attracting processesI didn’t feel ready to do all of the many processes but have begun to do several I most appreciated the Miracle Shower the Smiling Heart Miracle Love Drops and Cup of Faith and MiraclesThe Miracle Shower Miracle Process is about imagining a beautiful golden cloud take shape in the sky above you You then notice golden white energy the energy of miracles pour out over you drenching every cell fibre and molecule of your being See the golden white drops massage your mind and completely saturate it with the energy of miracles Notice that the golden white energy completely melts away any energy blocks within you that might have prevented you from attracting miracles in your lifeThe Cup of Faith and Miracles entails finding a colourful cup or mug that makes you feel good Write the words “Faith and Miracles” on your cup For at least 30 days before you take your first drink from your cup set the intention that with each sip you take from the cup your faith in attracting miracles is magnified 1000 fold Miracles will surely followThis is a wonderfully inspiring little book You will probably need to refer to it regularly in order to remind yourself to keep on doing the processes or at least those to which you are most attracted Reading the book and carrying out the processes will greatly improve your moodraise your vibration I highly recommend that you read the book and connect with Emmanuel’s miracle attracting energy

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Easy Breezy Miracle

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Rve to experience an overflow of them In this book you will have a new perspective of what miracles really are and will receive step by step guidance that shows you how to become a miracle magnet.

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Th scientific spiritual concepts EASY BREEZY MIRACLE makes miracles accessible to everyone Miracles are no longer something we only read about in fairy tales They are real and you absolutely dese.

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What would it be like to experience miracles on a daily basis EASY BREEZY MIRACLE is here to serve as a guidebook that empowers you to create even miracles in every area of your life Combining bo.