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Awakening Your Soul Signature

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Tages this is your toolbox guide to eliminating 'vibrational density' the emotional and spiritual heaviness that we all accumulate in day to day life First Panache will inspire you to awaken your soul through 33 daily insights then to cultivate you new found awareness through 33 modern fables and t.

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Hen to contemplate 33 lullabies designed to help you access your dream state Let Panache Desai a leading spiritual teacher and visionary show you how to unlock your infinite potential and be guided to bliss This book provides practical advice and inspirational insights into a world of positive ener.

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We've all experienced feeling weighed down by emotions and stress in our everyday lives judging ourselves and our inner thoughts and feelings Now by awakening your soul signature you can allow yourself to let go of excess emotional baggage and experience complete oneness With three easy to follow s.

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