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Of a high risk armed bank robbery But the job went badly wrong and MacDonald was jailed for 16 years In prison he met scores of high profile inmates including torture gang boss Eddie Richardson high society serial killer Archie Hall notorious lifer Charles Bronson and Ronnie O'Sullivan senior father of the snooker star On his release MacDonald beca.

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Me a magnet for trouble enjoying a hedonistic drug fuelled lifestyle and finding himself drawn into conflict with police gangsters and businessmen Rearrested several times he was the target of than one terrifying murder attempt In Blink MacDonald provides an eye opening account of his highly eventful journey through life in Glasgow's brutal ganglan.

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As a young man in Glasgow's underworld Ian 'Blink' MacDonald fought robbed and slashed his way to the top developing a taste for the high life along the way His notoriety earned him an offer of work from Scotland's most feared gangster Arthur Thompson but MacDonald had other plans to finance a new life in Spain with the multimillion pound proceeds. Droit Musulman, Vol. 1: Recueil de Lois Concernant Les Musulmans Schyites (Classic Reprint) plans to finance a new life in Spain with the multimillion L'islam et la femme pound Droit musulman. Des successions. Du statut personnel et des successions - Tome 2: d'après les différents rites et plus particulièrement d'après le rite hanafite proceeds.

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    an action packed gripping read if you watched Blink's true crime podcasts on youtube you will love this book as it expands in great detail Ian's life should be made into a movie

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    JeezoVery honest at times funny as wellWonder if there will be a follow up as would love to know how his life pans out

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