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E It's his brother Austin Now what is he supposed to do How can he look his brother in the eyes again without remembering what happene. I wasn't about to purchase this book as the page count was basically non existent Luckily you can find this very very short story on Nifty and I was able to read it there instead Not much to it really just a horny guy looking to 'get some' and ends up unknowingly getting his younger brother instead Or he didn't know it was his brother until he was about to cum

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Lance had just broken up with his girlfriend and was in need of some relief Not in the mood to go out cruising at one of the clubs he. Well wasn't this a dirty little read I have a thing for taboo relationships and I have to say this tale of brotherly love hit all my buttons

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Headed to the local glory hole hoping to find a warm mouth But when he gets there he uickly realizes he knows the guy on the other sid. Bad Just bad Not even so bad its good or bad but hot or entertaining in its badness Though I did like the way the big brother was all like we can NEVER have sex again and little brother just goes Oh please and he about faces into Yeah sure in about 2 seconds with no second thoughts or worries or anything That was a bit funny

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