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The Inextinguishable SymphonyA True Story of Music and Love in Nazi Germany

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And Rosemarie Gumpert two courageous Jewish musicians who struggled to perform under unimaginable circumstances and found themselves falling in love in a country bent on destroying th. This incredible story underscores the importance of happenstance in our lives Martin Goldsmith tells the story of his parents and grandparents and how music saved some of them But in doing so he tells the insidious story of how that same music may have doomed other Jews By giving an air of normalcy to Nazi decrees by continuing to put on the Kulturebund did those artists unknowingly give a degree of consent to what was happening around them Nowhere does Mr Goldsmith suggest that the German Jews used the arts as a conduit to freedom or protest And when reading this book it is hard to believe with my near perfect hindsight that with each new edict the Jews would just sit back and think that it could not get any worse We who look back know that it did get worse becoming a stain on humanity that can never be erased Can any perfectly rendered Mahler symphony serve as a fitting backdrop for trains heading East


He Jdische Kulturbund or Jewish Cultural Association was created to allow Jewish artists to perform for Jewish audiences Here is the riveting and emotional story of Gunther Goldschmidt. Where there is life there is spirit And where there is spirit where there is even one human soul there is music P 282 And I am so proud of them his parents and so grateful to them for showing me what is truly important for showing me that you must love the people and things that are important to you and that you must sometimes risk everything for that love There is no finer lesson for parents to teach their children P 248 Silence in the face of crimes committed may be regarded as a form of participation therein—eually punishable whether committed by individuals or by nations P 181 Martin Goldsmith tells the history of his parents and their escape from Nazi Germany They belonged to the Judische Kulturbund a cultural arts group for Jews by Jews tolerated and controlled by the Nazis so they could show the rest of the world they were treating the Jews well I have read many 'holocaust' books but this one taught me something new This lovely family never suspecting what was to come lived life as best they could under the circumstances ever believing that things could not possibly get any worse You will especially enjoy this book if you have been transcended by beautiful music either as a participant or a spectatoraudience

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In the spring of 1933 than 8000 Jewish musicians actors and other artists were expelled from their positions with German orchestras opera companies and theater groups Later that year t. 5 stars not so much for the writing though it was good but for the sheer persistence of the author Martin Goldsmith to bare the roots and expose the branches of the tree that grew in his living room This tree which Goldsmith used metaphorically like families of alcoholics use the elephant plagued his childhood I understand it My mother lost her first husband in World War II She married my father and never spoke much about her first love but I knew just like Goldsmith knew there was a story one not told that grew and grew and grew until it almost burst through the roof spewing its secrets over all Martin's father and mother Gunther and Rosemarie were Jews living in Hitler's Germany in the 30's Their story of survival was one that Martin longed to know but was not talked about He wondered how his parents came to America and he wondered about the families they left behind Happenstance brought both he and his father to Germany in 1992 His father seemed proud to show Martin where he grew up where his own father's store had been etc This small start was the beginning of Martin asking uestions and his father telling the story Inextinguishable Symphony is really three stories three protagonists you might say The first is the story of The Kulturbund a cultural association that began in 1933 when Hitler was first Canceler; a ploy schemed to segregate the Jews but convince the world that these Jewish Germans were being treated well Martin's father and mother both fine musicians were chosen to play in this orchestra Rosemarie was an accomplished violist and Gunther played the flute The second story is the their love story; from their beginnings getting to know each other then their marriage and early years as members of The Kulturbund trying to take care of each other with the happenings around them and finally at last their fortune to procure passports and passage to America America where Rosemarie would continue as a musician where Gunther would give up his flute to support his family America free but not free from guilt as family members are not able to join them in their new homeland The third character one that cannot be ignored is the music The music that kept his parents and their friends alive throughout the Hitler regime I know little about classical music but I found myself seeking out the pieces and composers mentioned In the beginning days of The Kulturbund the assembly was only allowed to play for Jews and certain composers were forbidden As time went on the list of composers they could not play grew and grew Imagine being denied the right to play Beethoven Bach Schumann Wagner Brahms And the list continued to grow I have yet to hear the work that prompted the title of the book THE INEXTINGUISHABLE SYMPHONY which prominent piece Resurrection Symphony #2 Mahler Exuisite Each story comes together to create the whole and though heart wrenching there is beauty peace and hope The Inextinguishable Symphony lends itself well to book discussion uestions arise as to paths taken decisions made or those where there was little choice One debatable point is the uestion of whether The Kulturbund was a blessing or a curse Was it what kept many Jews alive or the vehicle that kept them from leaving Germany For Goldsmith's parents it seemed what kept them alive Some would disagree Martin Goldsmith gives us yet another story from the Holocaust an important one worth reading and important worth remembering

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