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The middle of their circus act Sharat is devastated He’s also determined to get her back despite the force of the Empire being ranged against him His journe. I have just finished reading this with my granddaughter aged 9 and we both loved it The vocabulary is advanced so she was unable to read it herself but with the odd prompt we could take turns reading it The story itself was very exciting and imaginative and we couldn't wait for the next opportunity to read each new chapter

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Y will be perilous and revealing and shot through with magic A fantastic adventure story about a boy and his tiger with amazing characters landscapes and jinni. This book is unlike any book I have ever read and I wish it was longer I never want to leave Sharat his beautiful white tiger Emira and their magical adventure to save and defeat 5 ALWAYS On Politics never want to leave Sharat his beautiful white tiger Emira and their magical adventure to save and defeat 5 ALWAYS

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Sharat and his majestic white tiger Emira are two halves of the same soul The thought of being separated is unbearable So when Emira mysteriously disappears in. Tiger Thief follows a young circus boy named Sharat who looses his tiger performing for the emperor On his search he meets a young girl who becomes a close friend of his and together they seek answers to who has his tiger while discovering about their past and destiny than they intended honestly the cover is the best thing about this book I picked this out after reading the back thinking it sounded like a interesting read instead im faced with a boy who whines on about how he lost his tiger and just wants her back no other motive I was expecting the story to be full of adventure magic Jinni's and light hearted humor when it was a pinch of magic here and there and a boring main character that did nothing to entertain like his job role as a circus boy entailsI found for a kids book that there was nothing to actually keep the reader engaged i found myself easily distracted from the book and often wondering when something was going to happenthe sewer girls held a little bit of interest but were in the story for a brief periodThe girl Nara has a stronger character than the main character which would have been perfectif she were in it my favorite character was the parrot Ripi for no other reason than he was a typical parrot

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