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Til Death Do Us Part

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Eople She too was a graduate from nursing school in 1943 Care giving was natural for her She came from a large family of seven children who worked hard on their farm to make ends meet She helped provide for the family and took care of her younger siblings She enjoyed working in the hospital and felt at ease among the halls of medicine She never would.

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In this book appropriately titled ‘Til Death Do Us Part the reader may identify with the compassion of one care giver in comparison with the brutality of the disease itself Hopefully it will enlighten and offer support to those in need When I think of who my mother was in her prime and who she became in the end it’s like imagining two different p.

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Have wanted her life to become so dependent upon others but unfortunately her nurturing role was reversed My father stepped into the role of care giver for 15 years as she helplessly became the unwilling recipient My greatest hope for today is to spread awareness of the disease and support extensive research for the promise of a cure once and for al.