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    This was an excellent introduction to Kemal Kayankaya a German Turkish detective and like all good detectives a complete outside This is the first time this novel has been translated from German into English and it is easy to see why Jakob Arjouni was such a revered writer in GermanyThe premise of the book is uite simple; Kayankaya is hired to find the 16 year old daughter of Valerie de Chavannes who lives in the diplomatic uarter in Frankfurt He has been hired as he us Turkish and maybe able to move in the circles reuired to find her On the way to liberating the kidnapped child Kayankaya stumbles over a dead body of a pervert drugs and the nephew of an important Imam in Frankfurt Once he has finished with one case he is hired to protect a Muslim writer who has written a controversial book and will be at the famous Frankfurt Book fair What he doesn’t count on is that the two cases will merge in to one through abduction He is able to finally clear both cases as long as the police do not look too closelyThis is an excellent book and a very welcome translation in the popular series of Kayankaya series It is a shame that there will be no new books due to the untimely and early death of writer Jakob Arjouni This is a magnificent book well worth reading and very enjoyable fast moving and doesn’t hang around Written in the first person we see the world through Kayankaya eyesI recommend this book whole heartedly as it brings northern European crime novels through a true outsiders eyes to the conscience Have a read and I am sure you will be buying the rest of the books in the series

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    Almost thirty years after the first book in the series over ten years since the fourth and just before his early death Jakob Arjouni revisited his Turkish migrant PI character Kemal Kayankaya to demonstrate the new round of suspicion and persecution non Aryan Germans are faced with in Germany in a post 911 post Jyllands Posten controversy worldKemal is older wiser settled hardly ever gets drunk has uit smoking basically the most boring private eye you could hope to meet in a dark alley but he is still determined to stick to his principals and as dogged and wise cracking as ever even if that means he loses friends faces jail or even death threats Arjouni's style is light and fast paced makes its point and moves rapidly along meaning that despite being a novel of social issues it doesn't get bogged down in philosophical discussion in favour of solving the crime at hand

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    I’m sure like many crime fiction fans the announcement of the tragically early death of Jakob Arjouni this year was a source of sadness to us all I have derived a great deal of reading pleasure from Arjouni’s wonderful Kemal Kayankaya series featuring this unconventional straight talking and supremely witty Turkish private investigator formed from the same clay as the stalwarts of the hard boiled crime tradition So it is now with some sadness that I now review the last of the series Brother KemalTasked with finding the errant daughter of femme fatale Valerie de Chavannes Kayankaya is drawn into a devilish plot of murder rape and abduction which places our hero under the gaze of the police as a murderer himself Kayankaya is also hired to offer protection to an author under the threat of religious fanatics at the Frankfurt Book Fair and sure enough his two cases become entwined with dangerous results Although a slim read I found the linking of the plots a balanced affair with the build up of tension lightened by Kayankaya’s involvement with the publishing fraternity and the humour this produces a good counterbalance to the sinister and murderous abduction plot at the opening of the book In the grand tradition of hardboiled noir Kayankaya presents himself in the same world weary sense as some of the most recognisable protagonists from the pages of Chandler and Hammett and I adore Arjouni’s depiction of him absorbing and dealing succinctly with the casual racism that his Turkish heritage raises in others Once again the book is suffused with some brilliant comical interludes and speaking as someone who is not a fan of ‘comic’; crime per se I would draw comparisons with the dark sardonic wit of the late great Pascal Garnier in some of the moments of levity which to me lost nothing in translation Also having some personal knowledge of the publishing world myself I found the depiction of this within the book fair setting particularly knowing and pitch perfect in its rendition If you have not encountered this brilliant series before I would urge you to seek them out and experience the wonderful world of Kayankaya for yourselves in these perfect little packages of exceptional crime writing

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    Set in Frankfurt the fifth Kemal Kayankaya novel Brother Kemal sees the private investigator hired for two separate cases First Kayankaya is employed by Valerie de Chavannes a woman who comes from money to find her missing 16 year old daughter The second job is to provide protection to author Malik Rashid whilst at a local book fair from potential fanatics who disapprove of the content of his latest novel Although Kayankaya initially believes both cases to be uncomplicated he is soon proved wrong with his presumptions potentially causing disastrous conseuences I hadn't read any of the previous books in the Kemal Kayankaya series from Jakob Arjouni and this posed no problem when reading Brother Kemal The only instance where I felt unprepared was at the point where I realised that Kayankaya is not one to abide by the rules of the law which occurs early on in the novel Perhaps if I had read some of the previous novels I would have already expected this but at the time Kayankaya's actions did come as a bit of a shock Instantly I was struck by the detail laden prose and analytical narrative style with Ajourni leaving no room for assumptions even if his characters make plenty of them throughout the course of the book Although in no way does this impact on the pacing of the plot which is continually engaging punctured with moments of violence that come uickly almost out of the blue but never read as obscene or gratuitous and the touches of humour sprinkled throughout the novel These wry moments further emphasise just how self confident Kemal is and adding to the overall structure of a complex and fascinating characterAfter enjoying reading Brother Kemal I find it a shame that this is the last novel from Jakob Arjourni as he sadly died earlier this year However I am going to seek out Jakob Arjouni's back catalogue as I was really impressed by this last novel

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    When I received a copy of this book from RealReaders I was wondering just what to expect between the covers as this is the fifth book in the series Fortunately it works well as a stand alone read as the author provides enough background description to allow you to understand the relationships between characters that have obviously appeared in earlier volumesKemal Kayankaya is a private detective in Frankfurt His Turkish parents having died when he was young he has been raised by his German adoptive parents and now lives with a former prostitute who owns a wine bar He is almost the ultimate outsider as he is seen as a Turk by the Germans but he can't speak Turkish His work in trying to find a missing sixteen year old girl brings him into conflict with the Muslim community which he then makes worse by taking on a job protecting an author who has written a work about Muslim society where the main character is coming to terms with his homosexualityThe book is written in the first person which works well with the private detective persona and the writing is very descriptive without being floridThe story is well paced and the characters well drawn even if one or two border on becoming caricatures but that is understandable in such a short tightly paced bookAlthough I did have problems at a couple of points in the plot overall this was well written and enjoyable and I will be looking out for the previous books in the seriesRegrettably this was Jakob Arjouni's final work as he died from pancreatic cancer after completing the book

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    Frankfurt’s Private DetectiveThis is the first Kemal Kayankaya mystery I’ve read and although it is the fifth in the series by Jakob Arjouni I didn’t have any problems reading it out of seuence Translated from his native German the writing is crisp and sharp with well defined characters The plot is standard private detective fare set in Frankfurt with Kayankaya taking on two distinctly different cases finding a missing teenage girl and providing protection for a contentious author and Arjouni gradually weaves them togetherKayankaya is a German born with Turkish ancestry and Arjouni illustrates the mild prejudice that ensues where most people assume he must be Muslim and that he will bend the rules to get a result Although Kayankaya does cross the line in order to see justice done you get the impression that he is a well balanced and honourable if slightly world weary man I liked the fact that his back story wasn’t full of angst as is often the case with private detectives instead he was in a long term seemingly stable relationshipThe book is uite short but was an enjoyable read and I only stopped short of five stars because it wasn’t uite up to the high standards set by the likes of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett

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    I won this book from a contest on GoodreadsIn Frankfurt Germany 16 year old Marieke de Chevannes is missing and her mother Valerie has hired Kemal Kayankaya private investigator and personal proection ie bodyguard to find her After discussing Kemal's contractual guidelines Valerie explained that her rebellious daughter has been seeing an 'underground' photographer who has lured her with promises of taking fashion shots of Marieke An impressionable girl of 16 with an older man should be easily found and Kemal thought this would be a smooth job Things unfortunately never go as one expectsAnother job has landed in Kemal's lap with a Moroccan author Malik Rashid who needs protection at a Book Fair in Frankfurt His last book has found Malik receiving several murder threats from Islamic organizations Another job Kemal feels should go without a hitch But like so many other jobs of Kemal's not all things go as according to planAuthor Jakob Arjouni has an exceptional flair as a writer The drama that Kemal experiences combined with his humour urges the reader to get to the next page along with the characters humour makes it highly entertaining I was saddened to learn of his passing this past January

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    Brother Kemal – Jakob ArjouniI received this book to review from real readers This is the fifth book in a series so having never read any of the other books I wondered if any background knowledge of the detective was reuired to fully appreciate the bookThe author introduces the reader to the private detective Kayankaya who is sumonded by Valerie de Chavannes a financier’s daughter who lives in the diplomatic part of Franfurt to search for her sixteen year old daughter who may be with a man older than her Masuerading as an artist In the meantime the private detective is offered another job from a renowned publishers to protect a writerI would not say this is one of the best crime fiction books I have ever read – but it packs a lot of plot into a compact book An ideal summer read I read it in one afternoon The book is well written and the two stories interlock well together Although I found this an easy afternoon read I will not be seeking out the other books in the series to read

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    Despite what I can only assume to be a sloppy translation occasionally sentences are grammatically awkward and certain phrases seem to have translated literally obscuring their meaning I was impressed by Arjouni's final Kayankaya thriller Well plotted and direct This was Arjourni's final book and he wrote it under a death sentence of pancreatic cancer I respect the man for choosing to spend so much of what little time he had left writing a detective novel Good on you Brother Jakob

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    Brother Kemal by Jakob ArjouniThis is the fifth and sadly last book in a series written by Jakob Arjouni who died earlier this year The 'Brother Kemal' referred to in the title is a Private Investigator of Turkish descent living and working in Germany Kemal is asked to take on two separate cases; finding a missing 16 year old girl and acting as a bodyguard for a Muslim writer at the Frankfurt book fair I didn't expect to enjoy this book because I find that books translated into English from their original language often feel stilted but this was a pleasant exception Kemal has a sarcastic sense of humour that appealed to me and made him feel very real as a character The story touches on subjects that are topical and thought provoking; the sex trade and differing religious attitudes towards modern social issues without labouring the points made The characters surrounding Kemal made the story interesting and different He lives with Deborah who has Jewish German ancestors Kemal's parents were Turkish Muslims yet neither of them follow any religion Kemal is working for a French woman and an Arabic novelist simultaneously and all in all the book has a very cosmopolitan feel to itWritten in the first person Kemal appear to the reader as a steady no nonsense character with a very complex past Seeing his world through Kemal's eyes was refreshing and the depth of social detail made this book intriguing Kemal's first experience of the Frankfurt book fair as a bodyguard to the author; Rashid was a vivid description that was very realistic The storyline at first seems like two totally unconnected cases in the life of a Private Investigator both of them having seedier elements and both drawing the reader in The interception of details of his private life making a rounded account of a week in the life of a PI The ending was unexpected and added an element to the story that made me want to read to the last page This may have been my first Jakob Arjouni crime novel but it won't be my last

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M Frankfurter Diplomatenviertel und beauftragt ihn ihre verschwundene sechzehnjährige Tochter Marieke zu finden Wahrscheinlich ist sie mit einem älteren Mann zusammen der sich als Künstler ausgibt Ein einfacher Fall meint Kayankaya ein abenteuerlustiges Upperclass Mädchen das es sich und ihren Eltern zeigen will Und noch ein einfacher Fall Der Maier Verlag glaubt seinen Autor Malik Rashid auf der Buchmesse vor Angriffen religiöser Fanatiker schützen zu müss. When I received a copy of this book from RealReaders I was wondering ju

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Der Frankfurter Privatdetektiv Kayankaya ist zurück älter entspannter cooler – und sogar in festen Händen Ein Mädchen verschwindet und Kayankaya soll während der Frankfurter Buchmesse einen marokkanischen Schriftsteller beschützen Zwei scheinbar einfache Fälle doch zusammen führen sie zu Mord Vergewaltigung Entführung Und Kayankaya kommt in den Verdacht ein Auftragskiller zu seinDie Bankierstochter Valerie de Chavannes bestellt Kayankaya in ihre Villa i. I’m sure like many crime fiction fans the announcement of the tragica

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En Rashid hat einen Roman geschrieben in dem es unter anderem um den Umgang mit Homosexualität in einem arabischen Land geht Kayankaya soll für drei Tage Rashids Leibwächter sein Doch zusammen führen die zwei Fälle zu Mord Vergewaltigung und Entführung Und Kayankaya gerät in den Verdacht gegen entsprechende Entlohnung ein Auftragskiller zu sein Dabei will er eigentlich nur eines mit seiner langjährigen Freundin Deborah ein ruhiges entspanntes Leben führen. Brother Kemal – Jakob ArjouniI received this book to review from real