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The Path of Initiation

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Details the process of spiritual initiation from aspirant to the highest Adept • Explains the characteristics of each stage of initiation including the associated psychological issues that need to be faced to move to the next stage • Explores the long history of the Mystery traditions from ancient Egypt Babylonia and India to the modern Theosophy of Blavatsky and Bailey • Reveals how the Brotherhood of Spiritual Adepts is increasing global tensions to prepare humanity for the Age of Auarius and spiritual revelation As the precessional cycle transits from Pisces to Auarius great shifts in spiritual evolution are on the horizon not for all of humanity as many in the New Age movement have generously hypothesized but for those who have undertaken the necessary spiritual preparation an.

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Mystery schools beginning with ancient Egypt Babylonia and India Gordon examines the sacred metaphors and allegories of esoteric philosophy metaphysics occult science and the Science of the Seven Rays as well as the Adept inspired theosophical works of H P Blavatsky and A A Bailey He looks at the Adept Hierarchy of the Great White Himalayan Brotherhood and considers in detail two much discussed mysteries The Jesus as Christ mystery and the Maitreya Buddha mystery Revealing how advancement spiritual scientific and cultural erupts out of tension he explains how the Adepts have been increasing local and global tensions to prepare humanity for the Age of Auarius thereby creating the ideal preconditions for spiritual evolution and an eventual restoration of the Mysteries in our own modern e.

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D initiatory work Drawing from his deep immersion in the Mystery traditions of both East and West author J S Gordon investigates the initiatic path from ancient times to modern day detailing the step by step process of initiation and the seuence from spiritual aspirant to the highest Adeptship He explains the natural logic and characteristics of each stage of initiation including the associated problems and psychological issues that need to be faced in order to move forward to the next stage He shows how humanity is naturally inclined to spiritual evolution and the development of higher consciousness We are part of the overall evolutionary process of Nature a system guided by the most highly evolved Adepts and extending beyond Earth to the entire kosmos Exploring the long history of the.

  • Paperback
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  • The Path of Initiation
  • J.S. Gordon
  • English
  • 12 May 2019
  • 9781620551738

About the Author: J.S. Gordon

JS Gordon 1946 2013 held a master’s degree in Western Esotericism from the University of Exeter and was a senior fellow of the Theosophical Society of England where he lectured on ancient history and metaphysics Known for his in depth knowledge on the ancient Egyptian mystical tradition he wrote several books including The Path of Initiation

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