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F children who have survived the zombie apocalypse apparently without any adult supervision whatsoever What dark. I just thought to myself damn Dave most of your reviews are in the 4 5 star range well maybe that's because I only read stuff I like Anyway Keene's The Last Zombie will unfortunately be forever tied to the infamous series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman; the former follows the latter in both form and function Black and white series about a post apocalyptic zombie outbreak world and survivors are blah blah blah In all actuality I really do love the premise of this book; the 12 yr old inside of me loves the idea of soldiers in 2 APCs making a trek across a wasteland countryside in order to see why a FEMA bunker in West Virginia has gone silent Awesome storyline Supposedly most of the zombies have since died away and we're left with the dregs of humanity to deal with however someone gets infected again hence the titleIf you're a MAJOR fan of The Walking Dead I would suggest picking this up There's something to be said for disliking an author attaching himself to a working best selling idea TWD and tagging along onto it however Keene's refreshing and original take on the saturated zombie fiction world is welcome I hope this series finishes just as strongly as it started

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Lost somewhere between Missouri and Iowa the team carrying the zombie cure soon encounter Neverland an enclave o. This story featured a emotional setting Kids from a former foster home have managed to survive on their own but are wary of strangers Not everyone who found their farm was a good person so they chose to defend themselves Still they are kids and happily embrace the adult presence from Warner's team once they learn their visitors aren't a threat Warner will go to great lenths to make sure the kids stay safeview spoilerWhile Planters and Fulton are searching for parts for the transports they get attacked by men from the Cartel army Planters snipes them before they can kill Fulton and keeps one of them alive for uestioning Warner gets vital information about the Cartel controled territories and kills the captive to ensure the kid's safety hide spoiler

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Secret do they hold And will Ian Scott's own dark secret a zombie infection barely held at bay be revealed to a. Pretty good zombie story It's part three or maybe four of Keene's longer Last Zombie comic book series The whole series is a great take on the zombie story A zombie story that takes place after the zombie menace had passed Dealing with the aftermath highly recommended for zombie fans

  • Paperback
  • 128
  • Neverland The Last Zombie #3
  • Brian Keene
  • English
  • 18 October 2018
  • 9780985092535

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BRIAN KEENE writes novels comic books short fiction and occasional journalism for money He is the author of over forty books mostly in the horror crime and dark fantasy genres His 2003 novel The Rising is often credited along with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic and Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later film with inspiring pop culture’s current interest in zombies Keene’s novels have be

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