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    Не беше моето

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    15This is the third collection of Fiona Sampson's poetry that I have read I loved The Catch Rough Music was okay and now Coleshill I wasn't very keen on Maybe it means if you know the village of Coleshill but for me I found the majority of the poems cold and lifeless I found them to be missing the spark that would bring them to life I could catch glimpses but nothing I was unsure about so much which normally I enjoy not understanding but I just wasn't interested enough to try to work stuff out It didn't help that they didn't resonate for me Saying that one did which I thought was beautiful 'Sonnet Number 8 Summer Dusk' I also liked the dark unnerving tone created in 'Sonnets 1' and '2' Were the Sonnets all suppose to join up? They sort of did kind of if you suint I also loved the image of the bees falling from the sky in the tiny poem 'Little Songs of Malediction 2' that was great A line I particularly loved which I think sums up my thoughts of Sampson's work which I will continue to read Everything good still waits in the next field the best is yet to come and it smells of warm earth The Corn Versicles

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    ColeshillFiona Sampson AuthorIn her new collection the critically acclaimed poet Fiona Sampson has used her undeniable gift for language to produce poetry that is by turns fragile beautiful worldly strong delicate ethereal and at all times completely rooted in real life and real places as well as the imagination The poems are about nature and about life but much about our place within itWith scalpel like precision Sampson looks at the plights of bees in winter or through a number of inter linked sonnets at how the natural world and the human body are interlinked Over forty six poems there are themes and ideas that are continuously refined and developed so although the poems work individually they add to a far stronger suite of ideas than is often the case with poetry collections There is a lot to like absorb and digest in this book and in a world where much is so often uickly replaced by modern technology it is a sober reminder about our place in the world and how we can maintain that place

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    A collection for anyone Local I don't mean local to Coleshill but local in the sense of community of knowing potholes of knowing Terry as a man and then as a ghost of himself walking down the main road home Local This is a collection of rhythm of human rhythm falling into place with nature Of humans becoming the natural landscape and isn't it about time? 'a phone rings' and the butterfly effect is set in motion as 'suddenly flocks of starling are shuttling across the dark'

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    This collection felt like it meant a lot to Fiona Sampson but she put little effort into sharing those feelings with the reader As vague and disconnected from itself as the last time I read it but I did still enjoy ‘THE CHANGES’

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    Haunting in the best truest sense Mesmeric language; refined atmosphere For me her best collection

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Deep in limestone country at the corner of Wiltshire Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire lies the village of ColeshillThis haunting new collection from Fiona Sampson is a portrait of place both real and imaginary; a dreamscape with its roots deep in. Не беше моето

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S and the promise of springColeshill emerges as a “parish of sun and shade”; its darkness and light perfectly balanced From the TS Eliot and Forward Prize shortlisted poet comes a deep interrogative collection of astonishing clarity and power. ColeshillFiona Sampson AuthorIn her new collection the critically acclaimed poet Fiona Sampson

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The local soilThe poems hum with an evocative music of their own there are hymns of the orchards verses for walkers songs for bees These are slices of life and states of mind; poems of grief fears and maledictions but also of renewal resurrection. 15This is the third collection of Fiona Sampson's poetry that I have read I loved The Catch Rou