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The genes of animals Boston which looks at the growing strength of Middle Kingdom united under the brilliant King and Commander Sam Monroe and sees a time when Boston will not rule A coup destroys Middle Kingdom's royal family save for young Prince Bajazet Wit. Some series get better as they move along and some are pretty steady Others however just Immigrants in Our Own Land family save PL / I Structured Programming for young Prince Bajazet Wit. Some series get better as they move along and some are pretty steady Others however just

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The World is FrozenCivilization survives in pockets of warmth most notably in the vast Mississippi based Middle Kingdom of North America and in glacier covered Boston Boston where high technology that borders on magic is used to create the moonrisen people with. The series got worse instead of better This one was so bad I couldn't even read it

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H Boston's minions in pursuit before long Baj is Prince no longer just a man on the run His saviours are three of the moon's children who are conspiring with the surviving northern Tribes to overthrow Boston Baj has no choice he must side with the rebels or die. 3rd book in the Snowfall Trilogy set in a premature future Ice Age brought about by alte Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming future Ice Age brought about by alte

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    The series got worse instead of better This one was so bad I couldn't even read it

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    Solid good action packed story with good characters Still liked the first book in the series the best but this one was second best

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    I read and enjoyed the first book in the series Snowfall so I hunted down the other two It's been hundreds of years since a change in Jupiter's orbit brings on a massive ice age and modern civilization collapses The action takes place in North America and a variety of regional communities have grown up I really like all the different societies and the characters he creates In the first book I had some trouble believing that the ecologyeconomy of the Trappers would work and became happier as they migrated south In the second book I found the Middle Kingdom and North Map Mexico to be believable and the sweeping action riveting The third book takes the action through the Indian tribes up to DNA twisting science fictionally magical Boston returnreturnThe second and third books open about 20 years after the end of the previous book with a protagonist who is a young man now and was a baby at the end of the earlier book a most unusual way to continue a series and uite satisfying The second book is war and politics between three regions It's rather grounded and realistic thought there are some fantastic elements The third book is a uest The action is one long trip probably suicidal to strike a blow for justice This book takes us into the strangeness that Boston has created and goes through other wonders The farmers are eerie the animalistic Boston Guard is astonishing and the climbing seuence is fantastic I did have a bit of trouble in the 3rd book keeping suspension of disbelief down about the Boston economyreturnreturnWhile each book is uite different and probably could be read on its own I think you'll get out of them by reading them in order if only due to the handful of continuing characters If I hadn't read them in order I wouldn't have been on the edge of my seat terrified as Martha traveled from her home to the Island YowzareturnreturnThere are wonderful strong women characters Catania the Trapper doctor; Patience the slightly mad rather blood thirsty flying Bostonian meddler; ueen Joan of the Middle Kingdom who was Crazy Joan of the Trappers and likely to say Fuck let's get this over with on ceremonial occasions; and Nancy the sort of fox; Charmian is critical to Sam Monroe's greatest military victoryreturnreturnThey're kinda sorta Indian tribes

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    Some series get better as they move along and some are pretty steady Others however just seem to get worse and that's where I am with this one Despite the fact that I can generally be counted on to read pretty much anything that's considered to be apocalypticpost apocalyptic it was a real slog finishing this series As with the second book the tone and character of the third book differed greatly from the ones that came before it which can be interesting in the right hands This time however the characters are even one dimensional and the constant praise given to warm time words and phrases that are supposedly so perfect is even grating On top of that large portions of the plot don't make the slightest bit of sense There's one point where a number of characters spend days climbing an unrealistically high ice wall and those pages once you ignore the fact that it's pretty ridiculous to begin with had a really nice tension and flow to them I'l probably remember that scene farther down the road but the rest of this book is perfectly forgettable A good idea for a series overall just poorly executed

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    I'm so happy to be finished with this series I had to make myself finish the last book The premise and the story aren't bad but the author or his editor needs a refresher course Every other page he will use a word and then say Wonderful warm time word or Perfect copybook phrase It was extremely tedious and bordered on ridiculous I could see it if he had one character who said that a lot was fascinated by people using rare words or something but it's EVERY character Also every single time a character says Oh my God or similar the author states that only decades ago that would have gotten them killed down south EVERYSINGLETIME

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    A fitting close to Smith's Snowfall series All set in the same world with crossover of some characters each book had a different tone Moonrise follows the son of a fallen conueror adopted son of the River King and what he does when his old life is shut away A tale of revenge sacrifice horror love and true humanity told in Smith's characteristic immersive styleThese three are his only fantasies and I'm very curious to read his other stuff which appears to be mostly crime fiction

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    Bajazet adopted son of Sam Monroe goes on a uest to make Boston pay for the murder of his brother and friends As with book 2 of the Snowfall trilogy the protagonist was a baby born in the previous volumeSolid but not as good as the first two in the series The creatures of Boston feel lazy compared to books 1 and 2; now they're just human animal hybrids instead of monstrous creations designed for a specific purposeThis is of an occasionally dull road trip after the frantic flight and search for a home of Snowfall and the war story that was Kingdom River

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    3rd book in the Snowfall Trilogy set in a premature future Ice Age brought about by alterations in the orbit of Jupiter after several major comet impacts which in turn altered the Earth's orbit or declination to the degree that a new Ice Age was created in mere decades; thus wiping out modern civilization and leaving the survivors with meager remnants of basic technology

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    Conclusion to the Snowfall Trilogy Prince Baj the third generation crosses the east coast to take on Boston Limp 'coming of age' sort of tale Kinda dull no real reason to care about Baj Just a long dull road trip mostly

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    A little long and tiresome but had to plod through it to finish the trilogy Liked the two previous tales a lot Basically an ice age survival trek