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After the Frost

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Begin a new life The last thing she expects to find is a place in her heart for her daughter's fath. dont bother

CHARACTERS After the Frost

The sumptuous new novel from the author of A Candle in the Dark Returning home to Ohio in 1855 afte. Emotionally griping story of love betrayal and second chances I had a h

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R five long years Belle Sault is eager to forget the past sweep her little girl up in her arms and. Geez Megan Chance can write an emotional novel Sucks you in and leaves

About the Author: Megan Chance

See this thread for information Megan Chance is the critically acclaimed award winning author of several novels Girlpossecom calls her a writer of extraordinary talent Her books have been chosen by 's Book of the Month Borders Original Voices and IndieBound's Booksense A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University Megan Chance lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters Visit her at

9 thoughts on “After the Frost

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    Emotionally griping story of love betrayal and second chances I had a hard time deciding how I felt about the book There was a powerful writing and beautiful characterization that you expect from such a good author as Megan Chance But the story felt little bit too long and repetitive and there were aspects of it that made me uncomfortable the characters were stepsiblings heroine got pregnant with hero's child when she was 15 years old he was calling her a little girl

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    This author always manages to deliver a strong angst driven bittersweet romance and this novel is no exception Even though the reviews are mixed on this older work I very much enjoyed it I enjoyed the descriptions of the farming community at the turn of the century The characters were well depicted and their interaction mostly well done Well worth a look at

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    view spoilerRape alert Nada romántico en una violación de un hombre de 22 años enamorado de una uinceañera Por favor esto es de la lejana época aunue no tan lejana en ue los héroes románticos avallasaban a sus heroinas y lo hacían pasar por amor De la fórmula te aporrea porue te ama hide spoiler

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    Not much of a story as the characters spent the majority of the book in their heads thinking about the past More than once I found myself wishing the action would hurry up and get there However the storyline of their past was interesting

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    I enjoy this authora historical fiction romance I will read from herthis just got a little to sappy for me

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    Geez Megan Chance can write an emotional novel Sucks you in and leaves you exhausted Another beautiful story

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    A keeper

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    dont bother

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    One of her earlier works Thank God she got better tons of melodrama and not much substance The ebook version was pathetically edited too

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