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Wielder's Rising

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Ious for marriage but fears for the safety of her fiancé Traven sets sail in search of Faldor’s K. I think I li

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The Kalian Army marches to battle Kadrak is restless for the power of the throne The princess is anx. Excellent se

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Eep where he hopes to find a weapon to save his country What he discovers will change the fate of al. Trevan's adv

10 thoughts on “Wielder's Rising

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    Excellent second part Have to admit there were times I laughed just too hard cause I could so relate to what had happened Loving this story and it's characters

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    Ok I can't honestly say that this book is as good as many others I've given four stars to but the story just improved so much since the beginning of the first book I feel like it's earned some most improved merits The writing is still rather simplistic though better and the dialogue especially could use some improvement but the story moves along and is engaging enough for me to deal with other shortcomings So while I can't say I really appreciated this book as much as many polished ones I can honestly say I enjoyed it and look forward to it's final installmentI do have one gripe though When reading fantasy there must of course be some suspension of belief as if we were to judge this world and characters by our own standards we'd constantly be disgruntled with all the little inconsistencies At the same time I think that for example if you are using horses in your story unless you explain that your horses are somehow different from ours it behooves an author to learn enough about horses to avoid a inadvertently huge mistake that throws the reader out of the story I'm not saying that the handling of horses was especially bad in this book though what really got me was the princess While I'm no expert on royal guard duties I had to suspend a huge amount of belief to go along with the idea that a guards duties to protect the heir to the throne from a raging battle can actually be superseded by the whims of a love struck teenage girl Or those of a military general in a military action for that matter If they can just be overruled THAT easily they are pretty useless In this case it was essential to the story but had me repeatedly shaking my headTo end on a positive note though this story is certainly an enjoyable fast paced read and I hope the author continues to polish his craft I feel like he could be great

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    Enjoyable adventureI have enjoyed book one and two and will certainly finish the trilogy Two things about this book bugs The first is the TSTL Princess Khalistan Traven deserves much better than her She drove me nuts Not bad enough to stop reading though Second is I really don't care to read from the antagonist POV Other than that rest of the characters are great

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    This was a pretty good seuel I was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it was I find that most second books are kind of disappointing I still love the main character who is still very sweet I was wondering how this book would go but I thought the adventure and the battle was great

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    I think I liked this one even better than the first

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    Let me start off by saying the basics of the story is the same as others in this genre for the most part Boy is introduced; boy matures; boy becomes the world's hero However the author does a great job at the storytelling and the building of the characters I enjoyed the descriptive storytelling that some seem to have found badly done I was able to get to know the characters and their reasoning and have read the entire series and liked every one of them I was saddened to find that the author ended the series I would have liked to find out information about Traven's past and that of the ancient Wielders

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    The wielded series is worth your time I’ve read two of the 3 books in the trilogy The first book was not what I expected although I really didn’t know what it was about Iwas pleased with the character development especially with Blaise and Travan The plot emerged and grew as the young man did I thought the transition from Book 1 to 2 was seamless I am ready to start the final book I would recommend the shoes to anyone who enjoys this genre

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    decent story; weak writingThe Wielder series is a decent story but the writing isn't great There's no real world building detail character development etc Still it's a reasonably entertaining easy read

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    Trevan's adventure begins but there is there than meets the eye Danger is looming Can he face it

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    The story continues with further development of Traven's powers Most of the book is the story of his uest to find the ruins of an ancient wielder's keep The romance hinted at in the first book develops into a love triangle with Traven's position still being hopelessPrincess Kalista is not a likeable character She's willful and unreasonable Her insistence on going into danger to warn her fiance to avoid danger is just stupid and threatens to break the reader's suspension of disbeliefIn spite of the faults the book kept my interest well enough to stick with the series

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