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Mad Cows

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Er newborn takes a Kafkaesue turn when she's wrongfully arrested in Harrods for shoplifting The only person she can tu. When I was about 14 I got it into my head that I needed to stop reading Katherine Applegate's Making Out series over and over again and start reading proper adult books To this end I borrowed Mad Cows from a family friend I remember two things from it The young one compares her pre pregnancy nipples to Jelly Babies A distressing and unsavoury association that will never leave my brain The old one makes fun of babygrowsonesies during a job interview or something only to realise that the interviewer is wearing one Anyway it's not very good someone tries to breast feed in Harrod's and gets arrested is the crux of it and it drove me into the dread arms of Anne Rice and so is directly to blame for me reading Memnoch the Devil

Summary Mad Cows

Every woman wants to be wanted but just not by the entire Metropolitan police force Maddy Wolfe's first day out with h. This book couldn’t have been unfunnier if it were about poor cows suffering from Mad Cow disease It’s chick lit not my favorite genre but every now and then I come across a gem that I actually like This wasn’t one of themIt’s about a brand new mom who just wanted to buy some prunes to help move things along but instead winds up in jail after a series of stupid coincidental calamities We get to listen to her inane and crude thoughts as she prattles on about baby poop drooping bellies episiotomy plums in the undies and sore dripping teats The father is a married jerk with twins who wants nothing to do with her and won’t bail her out How shocking and original From what I can gather she has no job no skills no brains and no sugar daddy She fears social services will force her into adopting out the baby so she has a girlfriend a middle aged Sex In The City wannabe type sneak it out of jail and take care of it and then whines because her boobs are dripping and sore The point of view then switches back and forth between the chick in jail and her vapid materialistic and eually brain dead friend I fear for the kid and for my brain cells It’s very dated The only serious laugh I got out of the thing was when one of the jailbirds declares Mel Gibson ‘the perfect man’ The rest of the humor is insulting rude or flat out grossI usually finish audiobooks but don’t know if I can stomach any of this annoying shit It's so bad I'm almost hoping her hemorrhoids start up a dialogue and tell me about their day

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Rn to is her hot to trot ex lover Alex Will he prove himself to be as useful as a solar powered vibrator on a rainy da. Despite the serious nature of the plot Mad Cows was a hilarious read from start to finish Maddy’s a foreigner in England has few friends and faces a situation so much bigger than herself She does some crazy things but in the end makes the best choice for herself and her babyThough the book mostly felt like a light hearted read Lette took jabs at ‘perfect parents’ you know the ones who know all there is to know about parenting and engage their children in a whirlwind of activities She also spoke to the prison and welfare system and classism in Britain Lette also introduced me to some new words which included some Aussie terms

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Kathy Lette divides her time between being a full time writerdemented mother now there's a tautology and trying to find a shopping trolley that doesn't have a clubbed wheelKathy first achieved succés de scandale as a teenager with the novel Puberty Blues now a major motion picture After several years as a singer with the Salami Sisters and a newspaper columnist in Sydney and New York coll

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