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Mimis Ghost

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For his latest scheme exploiting immigrants for cheap labor which of course leads Morris further into murder and mayhem This darkly amusing romp now joins Morris' first caper Juggling the Stars in paperbac. Morris only gets despicable the you get to know him A vile little worm Identity Politics Inside Out you get to know him A vile little worm

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Morris seems unable to get over the loss of his ex fiancee Mimi but then he should have thought of that before he held her for ransom and ultimately did away with her Now he's newly married and gainfully em. As complex a character as in the previous novel we start to see Morris break up a little in this one Instead of the dictaphone messages to his father he carries on conversations with the deceased Mimi who becomes increasingly real to him as the novel progresses He held my attention throughout but the surrounding characters were also as richly drawn as him Although they were slightly blurred and filtered through Morris's egocentricity It was fascinating to watch him get out of all the trouble he got himself into

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Ployed but can't shake his discontent Just as he is beginning to adjust to his new life he visits Mimi's grave where her charming photograph on the gravestone distinctly winks at him This does not bode well. I'd give this a 35 star rating The front cover describes it as Tarantino meets Peter Mayle which is as apt a description as could be imagined It is in fact the second book in a trilogy and although Parks brings you up to speed it probably would have been better to read Cara Massimina first However the exploits of the breathtakingly vain Morris Duckworth are amusing and entertaining