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Nt and master critic as he sets out to deconstruct a subjust we're all familiar with the average Indian maleThe mama's boy the groin scratcher the man. Hilarious book humorously detailed to the last dot Well writt

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Alternate cover edition for ISBN 9788184001600NAME AVERAGE INDIAN MALE;LATIN NAME manush purush aam aadmi BuntyCyrus is back And this time as agony au. Often when one picks up such a book he doesnt expect a captiv L'islam et la femme purush aam aadmi BuntyCyrus is back And this time as agony au. Often when one Droit musulman. Des successions. Du statut personnel et des successions - Tome 2: d'après les différents rites et plus particulièrement d'après le rite hanafite picks up such a book he doesnt expect a captiv

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Who holds hands with another man Cyrus tackles these and many other uirks and shortcomings of Indian men in this inimitable style and unfailing logic. I enjoyed this book That's allBut keeping in tune with the hi

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    Tired drawn out cliched satire about the paan spitting urinating farting skinny legged short mama's boy The only redeemable thing about it are the large fonts and less pages

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    Often when one picks up such a book he doesnt expect a captivating story or an instructive moral Instead he hopes to be drowned in sweet frivolity and carefree humor But Cyrus Broacha denies the reader such simple pleasures The reader is subjected to a series of painful letters which are repulsive both in terms of language and content Broacha reminds us how easy it is write a book words on paper but how difficult it is to churn out a decent one I am not snobbish when it comes to literature but I wouldn't be caught with this book in my hand An insult to humor and a cruel snub to the greats of the genreDont buy this book dont borrow it burn as many copies as you can

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    I really like Cyrus Broacha on TV shows So I had to pick up his book Maybe I expected out of him but I did not find this book funnyI did not like the way Indian men are portrayed in this book I struggled my way through 3 chapters and then gave up I didn't need to read any negative generalization about men

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    This book was terrible The jokes were terrible The writing was terrible The way it was set outwas terrible But god was this book fucking hilarious

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    Hilarious book humorously detailed to the last dot Well written He is creative in written form I hope he keeps writing

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    I wish I could give it a minus rating The book was a total waste of my time and money I was duped into buying it at Delhi airport as it was on the top 'Best sellers' shelf Please don't waste your time reading it even if you get it for freePut it in your fireplace atleast it will give you some warmth

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    I don't understand his kind of humour detailed review here

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    Picked up the book only because Cyrus is a funny man Sadly the book really ain’t that funny Kept reading in the hope that there’ll be something better but nope nothing Not worth a read

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    I enjoyed this book That's allBut keeping in tune with the high tradition of appearing very analytical with reviews here is my go at itThis book has received the following criticisms Let us undertake a critical review of the critical reviews of the critical review of the Average Indian Male The third mention of the critical review of course refers to the 8th century BC treatise by Cyrus Broacha1 Terrible writing Hey all sentences were properly constructed unlike buildings in our LIG residential societies and did not suffer from linguistic problems which contemporary books by many college graduates tend to mainly because Cyrus never went to college This has obviously helped him with creditable writing skills which let me remind you is still not a common trait among Indian writers When a terrorist is not supposed to be judged based on his religion when other practitioners of the same religion are uite peaceful Cyrus Broacha should also be spared in a similar fashion That terse comment should not however be used as a signboard for deflecting potential readers away as I do not secretly wish to imply that Cyrus Broacha is a terrorist to literary society2 Repulsive I suspect that male readers who found it repulsive must have been those who Cyrus contacted for his research for this book but who never replied after they sensed Cyrus' sinister designs and it appears that their feelings of being betrayed seeped into their reviews of the book which to me seemed similar in nature to Kunal Vijayakar's foreword in that both the reviewers and Kunal Vijayakar did not read the book As for female readers who found it repulsive I suggest that they borrow a time machine and apply for membership to 18th century Victorian society If they are unable to locate a time machine to borrow for the suggested purpose then I have only a truism to offer truth is repulsively bitter You are only an arranged marriage away from finding that out Because if it is a case of love marriage then you obviously find the repulsiveness of your male very cute3 Poor FlowWhat? Do the Latin words “Cyrus Broacha” translate in English to “I want to win a prize for fiction”? People might look for flow when they read books that are supposed to have a “plot” The relevance of a “plot” in a book like this is as great as having a “clean image” is to Congress’ Politicians This is definitely not a story book to reuire a plot and conseuently a flow to it Readers who picked up this book for flow are as misinformed as cricket fans who watched an entire bowling spell of Venkatesh Prasad looking for pace4 Cliched SatirePeople who thought that this was a poor “satire” definitely need to get down from their literary high horses and then further climb down the fifty fat volumes of leather bound books older than this 8th century BC treatise by Mr Broacha Though I must admit that what was clichéd in the book were the shortcomings of the average Indian male but definitely not the humour about it which was fresh and mixed with adeuate political references only when appropriate Maybe if the average Indian man could switch personalities and uirks like how Cyrus switches women if you don’t know you can figure it out by judging Cyrus’ relationship with fat this book would not have been called cliched Once again this kind of humour is not called SATIRE Don't expect it to advance your understanding of our society with critical insights into a very niche subject of inuiry which an 'average Indian male' obviously is Regardless this book is upto the brim with good decent amounts of wit humorous references and breezy irreverence coupled with self deprecatory light heartedness that does not appear made up for the sake of self deprecation or light heartedness

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    Ok so this book started in a really good way and it is Hilarious With a capital H But then it starts getting really really annoying and ofcourse totally off topic where the letters have nothing that is even closely related to the name of the book Specially the letter from the senior executive of G E MOTORS Well i rated this book 3 stars because well I DIDNT EXPECT ALL THAT MUCH after all it is CYRUS BROACHA that your reading right You cant expect sulman rushdie stuffs from him I expected a bit of sarcasm and comedy and well there isnt much after 109 pages that is maximum actually Stop reading after first 50 pages In all this is an ok type of book which doesnt reuire much grey matter