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  • 24 May 2019
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    I read this years ago and thought it was sick and disturbing I couldn't believe a guy would write something so depraved It was pushing my limits and what really upset me was how aroused I became when I read this story This was before I joined a BDSM group in real life so most of my experience was through non fiction books and experimentation This story was way beyond anything I had read This wasn't the first book by this Mr Dean I read either It was a dirty secret which I kept telling myself I wouldn't read again Yet every time a new chapter appeared I uickly clicked to read it I figured something must be really wrong with me and that I was going to hellFast forward about 7 years later I'm now friends with the author and his books are in my list of spank bank How far I've come Mr Dean is the one who turned me on to body modification fantasies For this I thank him I think

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    45 stars a gazillion wtf's? OOwhat do i think? hmmm good uestion i think therefore i am or am i? this story proves otherwise a gentle meandering into the story had me uestioning what previous reviews had listed as being so terribly twisted in its outcome were the others so appalled at some of the BDSM elements practiced in the story of James and Debbie? of course there were some extremes but nothing so repulsive to have warranted such revile as the reviews suggested and then like falling through the rabbit hole of depravity that i now realize is H Dean's mindi started to suspect where i was being led and just as Debbie willingly? followed her heart i followed the path the slippery slope to the end of this TRULY TRULY fucked up story i felt the need to fight it but relented and just went with it knowing resistance was as futile as fighting your own nightmares i would recommend this story to anyone willing to have their limits pushed far beyond comfort and would strongly caution against it if you're looking for the sentimental love story of the very kinky variety i imagined it may be in the opening chapters this book has me inventing tags and bookshelves i never expected i'd ever need on my account lolnote this book was read thru chapter 7 on Literotica and completed on Dollstoriescom

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    Yeow OMG Holy Cow I read this short novel straight through in one night I couldn't put it down no way I don’t think I even moved for the 2 ½ hours of BDSM excitement this book provides I probably read it twice as I had to reread many passages to believe the author had actually said what I thought I readThis book is NOT for the faint of heart But if you’re into extreme inventive BDSM – like I am this is an incredible treat You will get turned on over and over again and I’ll bet you’ll pick up ideas you never thought about beforeThe story is light on plot but it doesn’t pretend to be anything other than an erotic exposé That said there is a recognizable purpose that moves the story along – eventually even beyond the control of the main characters The creative SM scenes are the best and will blow you away I’d never thought of some of the ideas the author came up with The result was titillation on every page – sometimes from the common BD stuff often from the off the wall crazy SM the author createsIf you want an erotic thrilling ingenious innovative BDSM tale – this will fit anyone’s bill nicely

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    Wow This story had a lot of content that both appealed to and aroused me Not sure that it should have so I feel a little conflicted about that lol The over use of a certain word threw me out of the story a few times and I'm PRESENTLY yeah that word still trying to digest what I just readThis kind of find is why I like to take part in challenges that force me to read outside of the norm They push widen my 'hard limits'Well done Mr Dean

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    Right to start off with is THIS BOOK IS FUCKED UP IN THE BEST WAYI've had some time to think about this one and I have come to the conclusion that this book is freaking AwEsOmEH Dean has done a fantastic job of making you get invested into a dramatic and seriously twisted mind game of a bookI don't know how I feel because this one there were times that I wanted to uit at about 38% of the book I was feeling like 'yeah okay their into BDSM blah blah blah' but I kept reading hoping that it would pick up and start getting me into the ZONE and it did because there were a few time that I had to adjust how I was sitting cough cough not like the humiliation was making me get all hot and needy wink but then It kinda died down a bit and it was a good thing 'I think' Then at about 58% give or take some I was like maybe it will pick up but so far nothing is shocking me and so close to DNF but thanks to another deprived mind like myself giggles hiya Ming she said to keep reading and to be honest I was humming yes and no but I'm so freaking glad that I carried onMy god did it turn into one humiliating fuck fest full of over the top body modification and fucked up mind games that had me re reading a few parts over and over just to make absolute sureness that 'yes in deed I did read right and she now has a 19inch waist and yes some ribs were taken out'WHAT IN HOLY HELL IS GOING ON WITH MY BRAIN??Am I wrong for liking some of this?Would I do this for Lisa? or even some of this?PlotJames and Debbie two old friends embark down a path of love and romance She discovers her own submission and then learns that she would do nearly anything for James even having her body altered to fit his fantasies That willingness leads her down a dark path that leads to her eventual and permanent objectificationWhen I read that I was thinking err sounds cool lets see what the fuss is aboutthen I readThis is not for the casual reader but for those who like extreme BDSM with a touch of horror thrown inI was like what the fuck HORROR oh god what the fuck is this about friggin HORRORnow I have to read it don't IThis should of come with a epic bold as fuck this will cause your head to explode and your knickers to become extremely wet The ending blew me away I am proud to admit that the whole dollification ins't my thing eg not talking or or or argh whatever I've had enough of this review it fucked me up and it is one that will be forever in my mindTips my hat to H Dean for a truly unforgettable mind blowing book

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    The Object of My Affection will make you say huh? The story is of two friends who travail through the throngs of life vested in different relationships that finally get together through circumstance of a fledgling relationship of the female Both parties have an interest in the other but for many years don’t pursue it because the woman is spooked by the male’s proclivities This is James and Debra’s storyDebra has a submissive nature and she knows that James is a dominant and so she seeks relational advice about a boyfriend that wants to bind her James gives her the advice not uite how she wants to hear it but Debra knew that James has always been honest with her To help her alleviate her worry she asks James to come over and show her what she could expect James comes with binding collars for her wrists and ankles He shows her what to expect and show her he did ☺ Deb breaks up with her current boyfriend and starts a relationship with James and together he helps show Deb who she truly is and what she likes and craves At first I was thinking this book is really good I could appreciate James’ mind manipulation and when he was able to get Deb to cum on command I was thinking “Ding ding ding ding We have a winner” ☺ The mind fckery was fantastic and couldn’t wait to see what else to expect from their evolving relationship There were a few scenes and then about 23rds into the book I started to uestion some things and then things took a turn into the Twilight Zone By the end of the story I was thinking “What happened? That’s it? I couldn’t believe it and finished the story feeling bereft and kind of cheated I stewed on my feelings a little bit and I still don’t know how to classify this story I think it was because I went into this story with one expectation and came out with another The point is though; I would definitely classify this as a consensual relationship gone wrong Buyers beware should be stamped all over this book unless of course you liked the Twilight Zone and have absolutely no expectations of how things should flow in your stories Just sayin

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    As far a reviews go I will make this simple then delve into my RANT for those who know me The Object of His Affection is a mind fuck of EPIC proportions I am not going to go into why because I feel that it will ruin the book and I would just hate cheat you of the opportunity of being scared like me Honestly I have no clue what else to say I am stunned This book is insanely freakin panty melting HOT with an ending that will leave your mouth in a perfect O until you uickly close it because that image just fucks with your headBravo Sir H And NO You may NOT tie my ass up NO WAY view spoiler HOLEY FUCKING BARBIE DOLL Like SERIOUSLY FUUUUUCK MING I swear if you lived closer I would tie you to my bed and BEAT YOU I spent at least a good portion of this book trying to read one handed while thinking shit like I think Ming has turned into a vag Or in Sir H's mind resides a near perfect fantasy lover Now I am dumbfounded I'm sitting here with a wet cunt thinking WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST GET TURNED THE FUCK ON BY And I am LAUGHING because REALLY I did NOT see it coming I don't think I really understood what a MIND FUCK was I SOOOOOOOOOOOO DO NOW Gah How deprived does it make me that I'm stilling here still thinking You know everything was GREAT till Jerry whom need his brains bashed in Came alone and fucked everything up Hell even soccer ball size tits and a nice plastic suit If not the damned 100 page rule This book would ualify for the Taboo challenge And did he say there was MORE?? FUCK What could he do??? I am horrified and perversely interested in finding out Am I through RANTING now??? I'm not sure But I'm going to go take a zanax and google brain bleach because I think Dear Sir H has effectively FUCKED every dirty fantasy I ever use hide spoiler

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    I Will Never Forget This Book Now I Need My Vodka I love a dark twisted disturbing story But I didn't expect how disturbing this story would turn out and how much I ended up lovinghating it I've read some really disturbing books and they never bothered me but I can honestly say this one really shocked the fuck out of me Total mind fuck Well played Mr Dean well played ;

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    Not my type of read

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    Oh my ever loving FUUUUCK Got this book recommended to me by another depraved mind here on GR and I figured why not? It's free It won't hurtWRONG So wrong So many things wrong So I read it twice ^^ First thing you should know about this book Mindfuck mindfuckmindfuck There Now that that is out in the open we continueview spoilerSo James has always liked Debbie but apparently he is a bit of a misogynist as far as I can tell from a few details given Debbie has always liked James and she doesn't know he's a bit crazy This is going to bode well for her HonestAfter they start their relationship James starts unknowingly to Debbie training her to respond to his sexual desires I was horrified at the things he was asking her to do when she had clearly said no but hey non con Got it All things said the things he asked of her at first weren't crazy just disrespectful to her limits But then he asks about the first bod mod for her It's not that big of a deal I bet a lot of woman would get their boobs done for their guy And then he asks for this time removing ribs so she has a better figure WTF And then and and I wanted to cry or scream at Debbie when she falls apart after removing the first skin suit thing The fact she had progressed to a state where she needs to see herself as perfect is heart wrenching After the final surgery I was just aghast at what happened what he turned her into Kinda want to just punch James and hug Debbie not that she would feel it or anything shudder creepy OH AND LETS NOT FORGOT DR CRAZYPANTS EITHER Because WTF is up with that Facility I may or may not want to read additional stories about him The only reason I didn't rate it 5 stars because sick and twisted as it was this was a terrible great book but I had to wonder where was Debbie's family? Her friends? What about James' friends? Did no one notice the life size living breathing doll in the corner of his room? Also the story seemed to progress thru years uickly That isn't a bad thing it just seemed like almost too much time went by when usually with stories like these not enough transpires These are things I think about while reading these kind of books apparently hide spoiler

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Ventual and permanent objectificationThis is not for the casual reader but for those who like extreme BDSM with a touch of horror thrown in. As far a reviews go I will make this simple then delve into my RANT for those who know me T

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Nearly anything for James even having her body altered to fit his fantasies That willingness leads her down a dark path that leads to her e. Wow This story had a lot of content that both appealed to and aroused me Not sure that it s

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James and Debbie two old friends embark down a path of love and romance She discovers her own submission and then learns that she would do. Yeow OMG Holy Cow I read this short novel straight through in one night I couldn't put it d

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I wouldn't exactly call myself a writer of erotic fiction preferring to engage in lighter faire However there are times late at night when a particularly odd idea will formulate in my head These are those odd ideas come to light Mostly my tales will tilt towards the erotic horror the story twisting somewhere dark in the final chapters Though I will admit to the romantic Occasionally I