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Santa Baby

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Her half sister Tiffany for the first timeAs soon as they meet Angel and Tiffany feel as if they've know each other for years and before she knows it Tiffany is working as a stylist on Angel's TV programme and going out with Raul a Brazilian racing driver who has all the girls after himIf only Angel's sexy bodyguard Sean could be as welcomingObviously he has. Loved this book nice to read about Angel and Cal again

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Things on his mind like the kidnap threat hanging over Angel and her daughter Honey As everyone gathers at Angel and Cal's mansion for Christmas Sean's defences finally dropBut as he relaxes Tiffany finds herself in terrible dangerWith sales of her books in excess of 45 million copies Katie Price is firmly established as one of Britain's bestselling authors. 45 Stars First things first before anyone complains I know this is ghost written I know this book isn’t loved by everyone but it is loved by me I have read every single one of Katie Price’s fiction books I read the first book Angel when I was about thirteen Do I like to re read them every now and again Yes This book – Santa baby is one of my top favourites of hers I have read this book a handful of times and love it every time I first read this book when it was released in 2011 – when I was 1718 I own this book in hardback and in eBook form I never got a round to writing a review but as I have just re read this book here goes I love Tiffany I liked that she had a passion for fashion I liked that she always put family first Even when Tiff discovered she had a rich sister and she got her dream job she didn’t become money obsessed I liked that Tiff and Angel were able to form a bond and found one another I adore Sean but I wanted of him The chemistry between Sean and Tiffany was clear to see From the moment they officially met I wanted them to become a coupleI liked that Sean finally confessed his feelings and claimed his woman My only complaint is that I wanted to see of them as a couple They only got together in the last thirty pages I wanted I could happily read another story involving Sean and Tiffany I also liked that Angel took a page out of Tiffs book and visited and forgave their mother Other then a handful of mix upsgrammar issues I found no fault with this storyThe storyline for this book is easy to follow and an enjoyable read I hope for from Tiffany and Sean but I doubt they will get another book

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Angel Summer is Katie's most popular characterWe first met her when she was Britain's No 1 glamour model in Katie's first novel ANGEL and then in ANGEL UNCOVERED Now in Katie's seventh novel SANTA BABY Angel's glamour days are behind her she's happily married to Cal and hoping to have another baby But as ever drama is just around the corner when Angel meets. Bloody loved this book Read it in 2 days Loved Tiffany and Sean I hope Katie publishes a 2nd book about Tiffany My favourite character of hers so far Loved the fashion element

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Born as Katie Infield in Brighton East Sussex England on May 22 1978 I changed my last name to Price when my mother Amy remarried I have an older brother Daniel and a younger sister Sophie Although I had many interests when I was younger a friend suggested that I should pursue a modeling career So I sent a few shots to an agency and was taken on I attended loads of castings had my fair

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