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Self serving talk Not to mention greedy despoiler Jerry Landis a venture capitalist dying of a rare disease that accelerates the aging processLandis cares only about making money and finding a way to arrest his medical condition That brings him and his fortune to the wild frontier of biotechnology where his people are illegally experimenting with cross species organ transplantation in California while breeding genetically. This is a book I have read now two or three timesPure comedy with intelligence a thriller of sorts


Bill Fitzhugh strikes again Following his widely acclaimed debut novel Pest Control The London Times called it one of the funniest most off beat thrillers in years Fitzhugh turns his satirical eye to the merging of medical science and big business with hilarious and outrageous resultsPaul Symon is an environmentalist who's out to make the world a better place but he faces too much disjointed information public apathy and. The year was 1998 1 “The Organ Grinders” by Bill Fitzhugh was first published; and 2 Viagra wa

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Altered primates at a secret site in the piney woods of south central MississippiThere's also an eco terrorist on the loose bent on teaching hard lessons to people who think the Earth and its creatures are theirs to destroy These forces together with fifty thousand extra large chacma baboons collide in an explosion of laughter and wonder that Bill Fitzhugh's growing league of admirers is coming to recognize as his very o. Very entertaining although I don't consider it hilarious as some critics doIt provides very real n

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