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Is convinced she's fat Nadine wants to be a model and Magda worries that her appearance is giving guys the wrong idea The pressure is on for them to change the wa. Okay so The Girls series is tackling some really important issues an

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Magda is tall and glamorous Nadine is willowy and 'gothic' And Ellie well Ellie is just plain normal The three girls have been best friends forever but now Ellie. Book two of the four part Girls series featuring three best friends Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs normal The three girls have been best friends forever but The Lost Predator (Primeval, now Ellie. Book two of the four part Girls series featuring three best friends

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Y they look – but can they learn to love themselves just the way they areBooks in the series1 Girls in Love2 Girls Under Pressure3 Girls Out Late4 Girls in Tear. I started reading this book Two weeks ago and I loved it It not only Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs not only

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    A decent attempt at writing about a topic the author did not fully understand I read this book twice once when I was very young and again a week ago a few months into recovery from my own eating disorder While this book is informative about anorexia bulimia and EDNOS the symptoms effects and characteristics of the disorders are woven into the stories of Ellie and Zoë and portrays very well the impact of eating disorders on the sufferer's family Ellie herself seemed like a charicature of an anorexic than a realistic interpretation of a sufferer she immediately decides to starve herself and her body dysmorphia is described as developing imstantaneously rather than slowly developing from anorexic behaviours into the full blown disorder After months of self starvation she is seen to simply 'decide' to get better rather thN begin the slow process of recovery Also Ellie's disorder is described as being very much about food rather than other issues behind the illnessI'd recommend this to young people wanting to learn about eating disorders rather than actual sufferers

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    Book two of the four part Girls series featuring three best friends as they grow into adolescence Our protagonist Ellie is a very realistic character I certainly felt the best connection with her whilst reading the series for the first time This book is grown up than the first; Ellie and her friends are starting to worry about how they look and in particular their weight Sadly typical of the target age of readers this book helps the reader to gain some perspective in how she views her self worth It's interesting when you consider how these books were published in a generation before the Internet and social media really took off Had they been written now I feel the storyline would be much different

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    This was such a meaningful exploration into self image and value Each girl in this series brings something completely different and their friendship is so supportive

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    Okay so The Girls series is tackling some really important issues and I wish I'd actually read them when I was 13

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    I have chosen this book to review as it is one that particularly stands out in my mind going back to my earlier years of finishing primary school and entering second level This writing is based around a young girl who begins in the shadow of her “skinny beautiful model” friends to self deprecate and struggle with weight and appearance issues It is a book that portrays some very serious issues around self esteem and zones in on the dynamics of the pressures of being a teenager in the 21st century giving a very real depiction of the thought processes of a young girl suffering from an eating disorder It is innocently written yet is unusually entertaining in how the story is illustrated As an adult reading this again I realise the passiveness we can portray to child and teenage hang ups seeing these issues as “phases” or sometimes simply plots for attention Yet overall if not addressed in a viable way this kind of self evaluation can have massive impact on the ability and stability of that child to grow in a healthy and fulfilled way I have chosen this specifically as even though I am working towards becoming a primary teacher these issues are something that are coming and to the forefront in recent years and attention is being given to such matters as weight and appearance for children younger and younger all the time It’s something I am reflective on as an aspiring primary teacher to have esteem building and awareness of the things we say and do and the example we give to children at such an impressionable age central to my teaching at all times regardless of subject or student; a little nudge towards prevention rather than cure

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    So there's a lot happening in this book Ellie has become obsessed with her weight and wants to lose some Nadine has the opportunity to become a model and Magda has an identity crisis when she finds out local boys think she's 'easy' Oh and suddenly Dan has become very distant with EllieI've read uite a few YA and Adult books about eating disorders and I feel like this book didn't tackle the subject very well view spoilerWhile Zoe's anorexia and depiction felt very realistic Ellie's bulimiaED was a bit off She seems to recover from it almost as uickly as it begins with no professional help or any help whatsoever Yeah she might have been scared off by seeing Zoe in the psychiatric unit but she goes from 100 to zero real uick It felt like the book was trivialising her ED Bare in mind I have never suffered from an ED but in my experience I don't think it was well presented in this book hide spoiler

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    I started reading this book Two weeks ago and I loved it It not only relates tohow I feel but I am pretty sure it related to many of my friends and other girls out thereThis book opened my eyes into knowing how important it is to take care of my bodyThe main characters are three best friends Magda tall and beautiful Nadine is “gothy”and Ellie is just the “normal” one Ellie made herself think that she was fat so she gottrapped in this hole where all she wanted to do is not eat and lose weight Nadine thetall and skinny one wants to be a model and she is also the one that everyone wantsto look like And Magda just worries that how she looks is giving guys the wrong ideaabout herEllie made herself suffer a lot she starved herself and she never was satisfied abouthow she looked She lost a lot of weight and got to her limit but she wasn't satisfied shepushed herself too muchThis book is just and example of how teens and women suffer about their physicalappearance All they thought about is to change how they looked but did they learn howto accept themselves for who they were?Theme I think the theme is Passion Passion can drive you to do so many things in life either good or bad It just depends on the decisions you make Like Ellie and her friends made terrible decisions because they didnt like how they looked Poeple need to take their passion and make something good out of it not something bad

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    Girls Under Pressure should honestly be read by each and every girl living in this world IT IS SO EDUCATIONAL Girl wiseLet's get to the fun part thenThe thing with this book is the way is has been written by the point of view of our main character Ellie who is one of the funniest characters I have had the joy to read She is your normal teenage girl struggling through her weight problem and looks The way in which Ellie describes herself and her adventures is so cute and I am sure she can relate to all us girls out there This is a great book that will make you feel full of life by the end of it From the Girls Under series this is honestly my top favorite one

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    This is honestly such an important book for me and I’m so glad I decided to read it again in my somewhat adult life It tackles some really tricky topics but in such a way that it’s not so heavy but still gets across the seriousness If I have children one day I will for sure hand these books down to them in their teenage years

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    This young adult novel gives a first person account of a 14 year old girl who develops an eating disorder It gives a very simplistic version of a rapidly escalating and easily resolved case that may not be particularly relatable to people suffering with an eating disorder It does demonstrate how irrational the thought process can become and is a great book to raise awareness of eating disorders and what signs to look forI didn't personally relate to any of the characters but I did empathise with them and hoped they would be able to work through their issues I listened to the audiobook edition The narrator spoke clearly and at a good pace but I feel the book would have suited someone with a younger sounding voice as it was written in first person from the view of a 14 year old girl rather than a third person narrator