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Let Freedom Reign

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Explores how his electrifying speeches and impressive rhetoric helped bring about social and po.

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Litical change in South Africa through among other things the dismantling of the apartheid syste.

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This collection marks the 20th anniversary of Mandela's release from prison in February 1990 and.

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    The short version firstFew people in my lifetime have ever been so recognizable at the nere mention of his name as Mr Nelson Mandela|367338 a humanitarian advocate of peace and democracy He surrefer egregiously at the hands of the apartheid racist regime in his home country of South Africa Starting in 1948 his voice was the beacon of reason human rights humanitarian treatment of prisoners and a needed move to re enfranchise the people of South Africa so that all could participate in a government by the people and for the people all of the people of South AfricaWhile others may have had prestige or coverage no one was as elouent as Mr Mandela|367338 No one was as opposed to apartheid the racist minority white political leaders of South Africa than Mr Mandela|367338 For years Mr Mandela orator and writer|367338 was incarcerated in prison for his “activitst” and “militant” ways Nothing could have been further from the truth Although hw was a peron who was a member and a leader in the African National Congress ANC as well as its militant group advocating some type of action pspecifically armed action to take what what rightfully theirs as the majority of the voters in the electorate of the country His membership in the ANC and the action oriented factions called Umkhonto we Sizwe the militant armed portion of the ANC He was accused falsely of supporting a Communist takeover of the South African government and again Mr Mandela|367338 sat records straight about the false allegations of being a CommunistOnce freed from prison Mr Mandela|367338 continued to work toward human freedoms and rights for all who lived worked and wanted to be citiziens of South Africa The majority population was eventually able to help the African National Congress ANC to achieve a society that elected a government that was not white or apartheid leading the way to reforms majority involvement in the political process It was a long time in the making but eventually Mr Mandela|367338 and his ANC party brought forth the first freely elected majority Congress in South African history Through it all Mr Mandela|367338 was the voice of calm reason and looking towards a nation where all could live and work peacefully in harmony and for the betterment of all South Africa and the peoples who called it home To say that this was populat was an understatement Mr Mandela|367338 was elected to the Presidency of South Africa where he continued is policies of multial respect human rights a place for all to work live raise families and flourish in a South Africa that was for once and for all a peaceful country Peacefully to make things better was Mr Mandela|367338’s next challenge It would take all of his time as President to just get things started It would devolve to others to keep the momentum going Mr Mandela would provide encouragement once he stepped down from power but he never lost his elouence nor his love of his home countryThiis work written by Mr Henry Russell Editor |29654 is a series of vignettes looking at broad aspects of Mr Mandela|367338’s experiences and efforts to improve the lives of those who lived and worked in one of the countries with rising prestige and accomplishment in human rights Mr Henry Russell Editor|29654 provided opening settings setting the time framing Mr Mandela|367338’s words giving context and sense of the benefit that could be reapt by hearing and believing Mr Mandela|367338’s message Mr André Brink foreword author1409320 provided an excellent setting and tribute to the good things that res8lted from the hard work of the ANC lead by Mr Mandela|367338As Mr Mandela|367338 neared retirement age many wanted to see him continue in the work for which he sacrificed some aspects of his life including three marriages and little time at home for wife and famioy He was awarded a Nobel Peace Pricze along with others from South Africa for their hard work in improving the life and efforts to turn around the white racist apartheid regime This work wend to press shouly before Mr Mandela|367338 passed away after a long and full life with both successes and failures but never once did Mr Mandela|367338 lose his fairth in humanity and in need for peaceful transitions and means of helping keep the people focused on whtat was the best for them allRecommendationsThis book provides the reader with a great amount of insight in the time and times of Mr Mandela|367338 It uses his gift or oratory to show his commitment to humanity and improving the human conditions in his own country South Africa His work did have a large part in keeping the struggle peaceful and moving forward with clear goals in ideas on how to get the jobs done This is an inspring look at one of the great humanitarians of all time Mr Nelson Mandela|367338 I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become inspoired to do the right things by personal actions and the commitments to improve the lot in the lives of all those around us Who knows it might just improve all of our outlooks on life liberty leading towards that lofty goal of our pursuits of happiness wherever we can find them One of the best books I have read in a while It has focused me on doing for everyone around me I hope it might do the same for each of you who choose to read this short book about big ideas and bigger ways to makie things better for us all Review of Henry Russell's Let Freedom Reign The Words of Nelson Mandela by RIchard W Buro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 40 International LicenseBased on a work at beyond the scope of this license may be available at Contact Us relccPermissionsFor rights and other pertinent information please direct your inueries to Contact Us

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    It is embarrassing to me that I have not finished this but it needed t be returned to the library and I was not making any head way I think the most interesting thing about the book is the commentary at the beginning of each speech giving perspective and an insight that just reading the speeches out of context would not provideThat being said I think 'A Long Walk to Freedom' by Nelson Mandela himself while really long is insightful

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    This book was uniue because it was a compilation of Nelson Mandela's own words within some historical context It was a great way to learn the character and growth of such an influential leader I definitely recommend this uick read book

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