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New and powerful political eliteKiyoaki has been raised among the elegant Ayakura family members of the waning aristocracy but he is not one of them Coming of age he is caught up in the tensions between old and new a. “Spring Snow” is volume one of Yukio Mishima’s tetralogy ‘The Sea of Fertility” When the book opens the year is 1912 and the setting Meiji Japan which has given way to Taisho democracy an environment is that of a fading Japanese aristocracy resigned to accept into its midst the creep of a westernization of it’s culture Adolescent law student Shigekuni Honda is an impassive friend to Kiyoaki Matsugae a baron's son of distant samurai descent Honda's future seems preordained Kiyoaki is a dreamer who is gripped by the sense that life's slippery fineness is running through his fingers and away from him second by second He longs to chase the impossible to ‘bend the world’ into the shape of his idealsKiyoaki's desires eventually encounter the beautiful Satoko Ayakura Although they have been friends since early childhood they have grown into a mutual indifference of each other When Satoko gets engaged to a prince Kiyoaki is suddenly consumed by an inspired passion for her and the two fall into an illicit affair that proves the undoing of them both She get pregnant and then gets an abortion Honda accepts the job of go between for the lovers but can only watch as Satoko renounces the world and exiles herself to a remote wintry nunnery Kiyoaki drives himself to pneumonia in a hopeless effort to retrieve her Dying clutching Honda's hand Kiyoaki murmurs that they will meet again someday ‘beneath the falls’ Although it sounds a bit melodramatic in truth the book is amazingly well written with subtleties implications and conseuences of environment both human and cultural that cause the reader to marvel at Yukio Mishima’s abilities A master at workThe closest euivalent I could suggest for compaison is the love story of ‘Romeo an Juliet’ also a story of star crossed lovers The story is filled with symbolism imagery and melancholy This Knopf hardcover edition was printed in 1972 and is the first American Edition issued as part of a set of all four books The cycle consisting ofVol 1 Spring Snow Vol 2 Runaway HorsesVol 3 The Temple Of DawnVol 4 Five Signs Of A Gods DecayThe series which Mishima began writing in 1964 and which was his final work is usually thought of as his masterpiece Mishima's ritualistic suicide in 1970 will always overshadow his work

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Nd confused by his feelings for the exuisite spirited Sakoto When Sakoto is engaged to a royal prince Kiyoaki realises the magnitude of his passionCover illustration Anne Crone based on Evening Snow by Ando Hiroshige. A book can be either of two things a key to open locked doors which lead to uniue experiences we have not encountered or are impossible for us to attain; while the other is a mirror to show us who we are or remind us of ourselves and the past we have not forgotten One stirs excitement the other nostalgia This time it took the shape of the latter The book served as a mirror to me reminding me of a befuddled young man blind to the workings of his heart prone to exaggerating the simple nuances in the actions of a woman devoted to him a woman he doubted because of childish fears But I am not here to talk of myself I am here because the pain it stirred in me forces me to writeKiyoaki a beautiful yet lethargic young man is at odds with his eually beautiful childhood friend Satoko An inexperienced boy when it comes to the desire inside him he constantly misinterprets and confuses the actions of the young woman who is thoroughly taken with him His melancholy attitude doesn’t help his cause and he loathes balefully in the estranged pool of his own work That is until he learns of Satoko’s engagement with a prince thus the object of his hatred and bewilderment is snatched from him suddenly out of reach It is such a curious thing that when something we have ignored for so long is suddenly unavailable to us we find it infinitely desirable The fickle human heart with its itinerant impulses shifts its gear and so the idea of unattainability forces us to acknowledge the taken for granted the sudden spotlight makes the dull suddenly novel And it is in this manner that young Kiyoaki realizes the gravity of his passion for Satoko Doomed from the very start an affair begins between the childhood friends In this shared consciousness of tragedy their love flourishes At the very core of this tragic romance Spring Snow serves as Yukio Mishima’s statement against elegance Being a military man of action he felt that the Japanese strayed from the righteous way of the Samurai and have alarmingly become slaves of pleasure smitten with exterior beauty apathetic to the real world too taken by the West too modern He envisioned a traditional Japan with its graceful simplicity austere values and unceasing nationalism and love for the Emperor The character Kiyoaki is a warning to the people of Japan a cautionary tale to show the rottenness that elegance is bound to instill in the indolent souls of its time This very idea is what prompted Mishima to stage a coup d’état in 1970 to restore power to the Emperor But he failed and thus committed ritual seppuku However before his death he was able to complete his tetralogy the Sea of Fertility which features Spring Snow as the first of four books With this in mind I believe it to be uite irresponsible to fully interpret an incomplete picture To understand his real intentions I have to complete the journey by reading the other three works Yet as a standalone it is rather fascinating to see something that was meant to alarm instead take one’s breath away with sheer elegance And so by embodying the object of his scorn Mishima ironically succeeds in mirroring the very relationship of Kiyoaki and Satoko “The path we’re taking is not a road Kiyo it’s a pier and it ends someplace where the sea begins”All at once subtle tender and painful this novel manages to evoke a somber tinge of passion in the otherwise luscious backdrop of Taisho Japan Indeed like spring snow a furtive loveliness envelops the landscape of its pages but intertwined with this beauty is a faint cry of desolation a uiet deadliness that can only enhance its icy elegance

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An austere love story probably my favourite of his novels David Mitchell IndependentTokyo 1912 The closed world of the ancient aristocracy is being breached for the first time by outsiders rich provincial families a. Mishima 1925 1970 was a classic Japanese author He was a fierce anti communist who led a band of rebels trying to restore the Emperor He committed ritual suicide when the plot failed His best known work is a tetralogy The Sea of Fertility of which this book is the first volume Class divisions and changing values in Japan due to western influence aree major themes The main character is the son of a very wealthy family How wealthy They have 40 servants and the boy doesn’t know all their names even though some of them who have worked there for years The family lives in a multi house compound which includes a western style home in which they entertain and occasionally have western meals The boy’s own room is in a Japanese style house but it’s decorated with western furniture His mother often dresses and wears her hair in western style And yet he has a friend at school whose family he feels is ‘western in outlook’ than his despite their family’s lack of western trappings in furniture food and dress The boy is very good looking dreamy melancholy lazy and ambition less He’s bright but he figures he’ll get into a university for rich kids because he’s not wasting time studying for exams to get into an academically prestigious school He’s 18 when the story opens The end of the Russo Japanese War 7 years ago is a key backdrop to the story So we know it’s around 1912 So the boy’s family has money but it’s not one of Japan’s traditional 28 noble families like the one next door So his father creates an alliance between those two families and the boy spends much time at the neighboring residence absorbing the noble ambiance His father supplies the money; the other family supplies the prestigeThe plot revolves around a love story between this boy and the daughter of the neighboring household They have known each other all their lives and she has loved him since they were children But his feelings toward her are on again off again; he mistreats her and pretends he doesn’t care for her Finally she gives up on him and becomes engaged to a son of a noble family actually a member of the Emperor’s household At this point she’s is 21; he’s 19 and after the engagement has been approved by the Emperor himself finally he decides he loves her and begins to pursue her They begin a sexual relationship and she becomes pregnant If word of any of this gets out it would be the euivalent of a national scandal When the boy’s father learns what is going on after spending his whole life ass kissing the emperor and the nobles to say he is apoplectic is putting it mildly Never having lifted a hand to his son before he beats him with a pool cueThe difficult romance gives the author a chance to discuss the theme of ‘the light of reason vs the darkness of passions’ There’s also uite a bit of discussion about Buddhism and reincarnation But we know all this can only end in tragedy His friend counsels him that he is throwing his life away almost as if he wants to commit suicide There is good writing such as this passage that I liked “On a warm spring day a galloping horse was only too clearly a sweating animal of flesh and blood But a horse racing through a snowstorm became one with the very elements; wrapped in the whirling blast of the north wind the beast embodied the icy breath of winter”It's a good story I don’t know if it entices me to read the whole tetralogy but the second volume is the series Runaway Horses is eually highly rated as Spring Snow The other two are The temple of Dawn and The Decay of the Angel Probably the author’s best known work in English is not part of the tetralogy it’s The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea Photo of the Great Buddha of Kamakura featured in the novel from onmarkproductionscomPhoto of the newly restored Marunouchi Building part of the Shimbasi railroad station featured in the novel Photo of the author from Goodreads

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Yukio Mishima 三島 由紀夫 was born in Tokyo in 1925 He graduated from Tokyo Imperial University’s School of Jurisprudence in 1947 His first published book The Forest in Full Bloom appeared in 1944 and he established himself as a major author with Confessions of a Mask 1949 From then until his death he continued to publish novels short stories and plays each year His crowning achievement th

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